Don’t let Jitsuryokusha in Naritakute!Episode No. 03

Let’s start with what actually happened to Minor Kagenou, where he went to the mountains and pounded his head like a madman, thinking that Minoru can develop magic if he continues to hit his head on a large boulder.

Unfortunately, it did not work, because Minoru Kagenou went crazy and ran like a maniac, finally hit by the escaping truck.

So yes, this modest-looking hero felt a little crazy in his delusions that he committed suicide … no less thanks to Truck-kun!

Let’s go now to the present, to which Cid Kagenou, Midgar Academy for Dark Knights, where he won two general friends of Skel Etal and PO Dad as cid and led his school life as a character in the background, even though this program is al l about him.

Oh yes, it looks like CID has been invited to a challenge in which he tries to confess the most popular student of the Migdar Academy, Princess Alexia Midgar.Of course, she expects Alexia to reject him.

But in a surprising edition, the princess accepted the confession of CIDA.Everyone is shocked when Alexia took her lover, even CID can’t believe it happened!

In any case, Cid Kagenou became a boy of Alexia Midgar, where as a sparring partner they learned fighting with a Bushin -style sword.Certainly Alexia has a hidden plan why she wants to date CID.

Well, it turns out that she is engaged to Zenon Griffey, the leader of the Knight’s Order, in which she is perfect in every respect.Of course, Alexia doesn’t like Zenon at all because she thinks her fiance has some disadvantages.

So it seems that CID has been involved in a arranged marriage dispute, in which the bride wants to break the relationship with the groom.

In addition, he will pay Cid with gold coins to continue their false relationship.My God, Cid Kagenou turned from Chuuni to a dog when he saw some money!

But to be honest, he doesn’t get anything from his parents, because Cid Kagenou needed money to finance his organization, although Shadow Garden members left him to train harder.

In any case, Cid is really in trouble, from which he can’t escape … Or maybe?

It turns out that he wants to end this false relationship with Alexia Midgar when he directed some virulent comments to her.

I am just joking, he actually boasted the ability to fight with the sword of Alexia, in which she mastered the basics, although the princess herself does not like it, because Alexia could not stand out from her older sister Iris.

I must say that this program has some competition between siblings.Unlike Cida, where it is quite powerful, although everyone is talking about him, it is clear that Alexia has a certain complex of inferiority towards Iris.

But anyway, the princess left the train, feeling disappointed with Cid.Let’s hope that nothing will happen to her.

Oh, wait, no matter when the knights surrounded Cida Kagenou and his two friends when they want to ask him about the place of stay of Alexia.

Oh, here is Zenon Griffey, where he suspects that Cid Kagenou is involved in the disappearance of the princess.I mean, he is the last person who contacted Alexia.

Despite this, this situation worsened because everyone accused Alexia’s disappearance.It seems that without the help of anyone, his journey to be an eminence in the shadow will end.

In any case, it seems that it’s time for a rescue mission in the next episode, because I hope that Alpha and the rest of Shadow Garden will come to save CID, and then find Alexia Midgar as soon as possible.

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