Don’t let Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! – EP 03

「凡人 の 剣」 (Bonjin No Ken)

“Fencer Ordinaire”

Although I always knew that I would play Eminence in Shadow, I also like to know that I made the right choice.After three weeks and one strange preliminary progression later, everything begins to arrange into the usual Isekai routine, although as you should already know, this one will not be completely Isekai of your grandmother.Oh no, we walk here, boys and girls, no matter how imaginary they may seem.

The only thing I like in Eminence in Shadow at the moment is how indifferent and blazed is about its history, partly because of the traps that hide it. An example is the current school life of CIDA: we do a magical training, starting from below with weird friends, and – yes – with all finding an affair in the least likely places. In addition to the fact that the heroes know that training is nonsense, friends metaphorically fall over to death, and a new girl Cida in the form of Princess Alexia turns all conventions upside down. I have to admit that despite everything I saw the inverted scenario of forced confession, leading to a real relationship (and the reason for this) from a distance of Mili, resulting from this chaos was still damn funny to watch. The ability to make fun of the clues and using what is funny is always a useful skill, and considering how it works so far, I will be happy to see what this series has in his sleeve.

An example in this regard is the whole matter of Diabolos’s cult and Alexia’s inevitability has been captured by her.This is not even a big jump, not between the countrymen, the escaping people, to chase them (all the time when cid thinks they are just nice and try not to hurt his feelings) and the previous discovery that a very real cult concerns the descendants of the heroes for themWicked plans.Alexia’s sister, Iris, is probably such a descendant finally, would make sense to get to her through Alexia, and twice, if the kidnapping can happen, where you can blame a poor stupid fool (in the mind of the sect).It can be a discussion whether Zenon, engaged with Alexia, is part of the cult (because the alleged lack of flaws is the main flag), but one cannot deny who is responsible for this incident and the likely course of upcoming events.

Either way, Cid will soon meet with his cheerful bunch of sweet cakes when one of the princesses is saved.At least you know when he comes up with how to persuade the royal kidnapping.