Dragon House: ultimately explained lack of the main character

Viewers were quite well received House of the Dragon, which has been broadcast in HBO for several months.But the main character is missing …

On his blog, George RR Martin drew attention to several oversights in the House of the Dragon series.He is the original writer of the Game of Thrones.It is then quite well prepared to know what is missing or

what fits the universe

two series.And it turns out that in his opinion one of the main characters was forgotten.This is Daeron Targaryen, a key family member


.In the original books it is presented as

young son of King Viserys

and Alice Hightower.Very regrettable absence, but maybe simply related to the fact that this universe is too extensive to be treated in one series.

Nevertheless, a fairly reasonable explanation can explain

no Daeron Targaryen


Dragon House

.Georges RR Martin himself reported it again.In fact, according to him, this character is a technically good part of the series.Only he has not yet been presented.In other words, at some point he should land in the House of the Dragon episode, maybe in

later season

.What’s more, Daeron Targaryen would not be completely forgotten in previous episodes.It turns out that he is then quite young.He should have about

15 years

and he would live in

Hightower estates.

Daeron Targaryen would not be completely forgotten

Given his young age in the series, it wasn’t like that yet

not very suitable

to integrate it with the Dragon House.Cannot really participate in

stories of succession

which are part of the series.In the meantime, there is more than the likely that a young boy is studying in Hightower.So it may also appear in another season in the future.The work of George RR Martin would not be completely violated by directors!