Dragon House: What effects does poppy seed milk have?

Discover the influence of poppy milk at the Dragon House or exists in life?

The Dragon House is available!If you want to meet

Operation of poppy milk

, read on!Masters who treat Viserys in

Dragon House

, they use poppy milk to alleviate pain and make your last days a bit bearable.But for those who never saw Game of Thrones and found out from the appearance of the spin-off series,

What is poppy milk

And what exactly is it for?

Viewers find out in episode 8

Dragon House that milk poppy seeds

It is used to sleep Viserys, why Rhaenyra and Daemon seem to definitely oppose.At one point he refuses to accept another dose, and Viserys is much more alert than usual.But it is clear that

poppy seed milk

It is something you need to fight various physical conditions.What are the effects

poppy seed milk


How does milk affect?

Poppy milk,

Frequently given to people with severe pain and injury, it is a opiate, probably a condensed version of the poppy flower extract.Due to its dairy -white appearance, it is called it

poppy milk.

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In the first season

Dragon Family House,

Rhaenyra and Daemon realize that

poppy seed milk

was handed over to the king.Rhaenyra wonders whether it has been done to keep the king in stomach.Application

poppy seed milk

In the world of Martin is similar to morphine.To learn more about the Targaryen family tree, read it.

Is poppy milk in real life?

The poppy in books is probably the same plant that blooms in the real world.This means that

poppy seed milk

It’s basically opium.Although the medicine poppy plant has long been used for medicinal purposes, there is no cure in the real world

poppy milk


The extract of multi -colored poppy seeds (papaver somniferum) caused a lot of death and unimaginable damage.People have been using it for at least 3400 BC.In addition to morphine from medicine, substances such as codeine, heroin and oxicodon are also obtained.Opium and its derivatives have been a cause of countless wars for years and today they remain the main cause of conflicts, crime and addiction.