Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai anime has English dub

Toei Animation announced on Friday that the new anime Riku Sanjō and Kōji Inada’s Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (Dragon Quest: Dai No Daibōken) will get an English -language version of the manga.Dub, which will premiere “soon” on digital platforms.The company broadcast a clip with English dubbing.

The program was interrupted after hacking Toei Animation at the beginning of March, and the first new episode was broadcast on April 16.

Kazuya Karasawa (director of the Dragon Ball Super episode, Dragon Ball Super: Brly Storyboards) is the director of the series at Toei Animation.Katsuhiko Chiba (Rune Soldier, Baby Steps, Tiger Mask W) supervises the scripts of the series.Emiko Miyamoto (Maho Girls Precure!) Designs characters.Ayaka Fujia (Studio Pablo) is an artistic director.Yuki Hayashi composes music.Aya Mori is responsible for color design.The director of the Dragon Quest Yuji Horia series is considered to be supervised by the original manga.Toei Animation produces anime, which is a hybrid of CG and 2D animation.

Source: YouTube Toei Animation