El Topo Episode 9: What is the date and time of release on Netflix?

Discover all information about the premiere of the 9 episode of El Topo on Netflix!Date and time of release, etc.

Topo is available on Netflix!

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bonus of the 9th episode

, read on!This is a series of tournaments for high rates, which began with twelve players working together in challenges to add money to the pool, which only one of them will win at the end.

Among the players is a person who was secretly marked as “mole” and whose task is to sabotage the group’s efforts to earn money.Ultimately, one player will overcome the competition and expose the spoiler to win the prize.

Players compete in mental and physical challenges to try to win the money that increases the prize pool.If players are successful in their challenge, they win the whole prize.However, the spoiler will try to use this pool after one challenge at once.After each round of challenges, players solve a quiz to see if they know the identity of the mole.We’ll tell you everything about it

Premiere of the 9th episode of El Topo on Netflix!

What is the date and time of release of the 9th episode of El Topo on Netflix?

Waiting does not last long.

The release date of the 9th episode of El Topo

It was established on October 21, 2022 on Netflix.For the impatient,

El topo episode 9 premiere

She was set to 9:01 to Netflix in Spain.

What can we expect from the sequel?

In episode 8, Joi was recognized as a master of the elimination of Greg.Then the band played hide and seek, in which Avori hid in a bird cage, only having a pizza box and a newspaper clip to get tips.

He called the other players, now divided into two -person teams to tell them where he was.Kesi and Joi soon reached a high point, as indicated by traces, and saw a large number of birds in the flight.They arrived and chose the right pigeon to go to the cage.

In the meantime, Jacob and Will were unable to decipher some pizza tips, and Avori missed the phone number on the pizza box, causing the team losing the challenge.Joi then apologized to Jacob for his words and criticized Kesi for his actions.To find out who we think it is, he is here.


Episode 9 El Topo

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