Elden Ring will receive a transmission of jazz music on December 3

Kenny Garrett, Takuya Kuroda explain the amazing soundtrack of the jazz game

Elden Ring and Jazz?This is a more likely combination than you think.Bandai Namco Entertainment America announced on Monday that on December 3 he would host the jazz music stream event for the RPG of the Fromsoftware Elden Ring action.The Grammy Award winner, musician on Alt Saxophone Kenny Garrett and Takuya jazz trumpeter will translate the breathtaking and wonderful original soundtrack Elden Ring into jazz melodies – including fragments of improvisation.

Two “Elden Ring ™: A Night in the Lands Between” programs will be broadcast live from the Hollywood Bourbon Hall on December 3 at 18:00.and 22:00 Pacific time.Tickets for a physical event and live broadcast are available on


Events at various levels, with VIP packages containing collector’s items, the digital soundtrack of the game and access to the VOD service after the show.

In addition, Bandai Namco Entertainment America broadcasts the trailer with Garrett’s comments and burses.

“If I can choose in one word describing this project, it is epic,” Kuroda said.”I think it’s a really important part, it’s simply an experience of watching a performance by us and [speaking] just” wow, it’s stunning “, and then” WOW, it’s really music for Elden Ring. ”

Garrett commented: “I always think about taking the audience on a journey.This will not be what you thought. ”

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