Eleced Chapter 215: Does Kayden feel good?The release date and more!

A sent chapter 215 may not be so refreshing for fans.There is a chance that Manhwa can reveal serious details about Kayden Break.The previous chapter studied the consequences of Andrei’s fight with Kayden.The academy director thanked Kayden and appreciated his strength before everyone.

The next chapter can be full of revelation.However, it turned out that Kartein did not even know Jeo Siwoo.What’s more, it seems that Kayden will intensify the training of his student to achieve success in the awakening department.Many personalities from the frame and other organizations will chase Siwoo, who revealed himself to Kayden.Familiarize yourself with the following article to get more information about the upcoming Manhwy chapter!

Eleced Chapter 215: Does Kayden feel good?

The reason for Kartein’s anxiety may appear in Eleced Chapter 215. Kartein mentioned in the previous chapter that Kayden is struggling with certain internal problems.That is why it is still at the recovery stage.But this warouser went all the way with Andrie, as if he went to commit suicide.Even Kayden felt trembling hands because of excessive energy consumption.

This can be a big problem if Kayden suffers from it for a long time.What’s more, Jiwoo will strengthen his training with Kayden because it is the goal of criminal organizations from around the world.What’s more, there may be a secret in Jiwoo that Kayden cares about him so much.However, Manhwa is not ready to reveal anything yet.

Quick summary of the previous chapter!

The 214. Chapter Eleceed began with the clash of Andrei and Kayden.However, Andrea suggested that Kayden would stop at this stage, because it could cause complete destruction.But Kayden continued the attacks that forced Frame fighters to escape without a fight.However, Andrea presented Kayden’s proposal to join the Frame organization.

The director thanked Kayden and gathered all students.However, Kartein and Kayden took Jiwoo with them to treatment because he broke his bridge.Ultimately, the fans learned from Kartein that it is not entirely good with Kayden.However, Manhwa discussed this problem and ended the chapter with a short chat between Kayden and Siwoo.

Eleced Chapter 215: Date of release

Eleced Chapter 215 will be released on October 14, 2022. Manhwa is preparing great revelations for fans in the upcoming Manhwa chapter.The upcoming Manhwy chapters will be available to read on the official Naver, Webtoon and CocoaPage pages.Follow The anime Daily to get more updates!