Eleced Chapter 216: Next threat of JiWoo!release date

After the fight Kayden vs.Andre in the top ten, the situation changed drastically.Well, no one ever thought that Kayden would join this battle and help them survive.But things are not as simple as it seems.It seems that Kayden has some problems to solve and the director could not help them.As for Jiwoo, he will again encounter some difficulties in Chapter 216 Eleced.Read on to learn more.

The latest story will focus on Jiwoo and his master.Now everyone knows that Jiwoo is Kayden’s discipline and will start treating him royal.But do Jiwoo and Kayden want it?In addition, Jiwoo will set off for another adventure in the upcoming chapter.

Eleced Chapter 216: What to expect?

Finally, this is the end of the Frame arch and everyone in the organization is safe and healing.However, after learning that Jiwoo is Kayden’s discipline, things will start to do differently.Now the director, including other members, will not treat him like a novice, which will lead to promotion in his ranking.This will be a new beginning in Jiwoo’s life.But will Kayden stay with him now?

Kayden was in trouble because his transformed body – a cat – could not survive in this harsh world without someone’s help.But now, when he is fully transformed into human form, he can go wherever he wants.Perhaps Jiwoo will stop him, and Kayden convince him to stay with him a little longer and train him to become a better version of himself.

Short summary!

The 215th Eleced chapter with a great revelation began.Kayden returned to his human character and helped the organization in the fight against Frame.With his help and Jiwoo ended the chapter of the frame once and for all.However, the director seemed surprised that Kayden returned with a completely different attitude.The one who knew was different than this new version of Kayden.She also learned that Jiwoo was his discipline and decided to take care of Jiwoo, because it could benefit their organization.

However, Kayden was not interested in her and began to show anger.Well, this can be caused by the director’s past behavior – she came to Kayden in his cat.Meanwhile, Jiwoo went to see his friend.He was glad that everyone was safe and surprised to see him alive and healthy.However, Jiwoo offended Jiseoka, so he changed them.But they were interrupted by high -ranking people who had just greeted Jiwoo for saving their lives.

Chapter 216 Eleced: release date

Well, finally there is peace and everyone is trying to cure traumatic wounds.However, something is coming for Kayden and Jiwoo.You will learn about it in Chapter 216 Eleced, which will be available on October 20, 2022 on the Naver, Webtoon and Cocoa pages.Be cautious.Anime Daily will inform you on a regular basis.