Eleced Chapter 217: A traitor at the Academy!release date

It seems that Arkada Frame is not over yet, because the members of the Academy are still in contact with Frame, especially with TOP 10. The director knows that she needs Kayden’s help to deal with the situation.But she has no idea that her students are plotting against her and the academy.Now someone will be exposed in chapter 217 Eleced.Does it have anything to do with Jiwoo?Read on to learn more.

The latest story will focus on the betrayal of Duke.Well, he will show where he should and do everything in his power to stop his friend from revealing his identity.However, Jiwoo will see everything.Now Jiwoo’s hands will be careful with the situation.

Eleced Chapter 217: What will happen next?

The academy had a difficult time to deal with the frame.They thought they won the match with the help of Jiwoo and Kayden.But they were wrong, Frame spread its tree throughout the academy, and even the 10 best students of the organization are with them.As you can see in the previous chapter, Duke tried to kill his friend, but Jiwoo noticed it.Now Duke must kill Jiwoo not to reveal his true identity.

But we know Jiwoo and his personality.He won’t leave Duke as he is.He will enter the action to save his friend from Duke’s claws and use his electrifying energy to attack Duke.Well, Duke does not want to show all his strength to attract attention.But his plan will be in vain when Jiwoo makes his movement and everyone gathers around them.It will be a time when they find out who supports Frame.

Fast summary!

Previously, in Chapter 216 Eleced, Jiwoo’s friends began to mock Sucheon when he betrayed them in the battle.So they began to intimidate and mock him, why he was still alive.One of them reminded the group that Mr. Kartein said he had left Sucheon safely when he was on his way to help them.But it was not fair because he helped Frame and did not want to see him in the organization.

Soon another member of Force penetrated the organization and took the student with him.Meanwhile, Mr. Inhyuk entered the room to inform the children that the school would be closed for several months.After the incident, they wanted everyone to return home for security reasons.Elsewhere, Duke and his friend talked about Jiwoo as Kayden’s discipline.He believed that they could not match Jiwoo after he saw him fiercely fighting with Frame.Soon he noticed lively strength and learned that one of the members of Frame was still alive.When he used her, Duke attacked his friend from behind, revealing his true identity.

Chapter Eleceed 217: Date of release

Jiwoo cannot sit calmly after the members of the frame still wander around their academy.They must take serious actions against these members.At Eleceed Chapter 217, Duke will show its color, which will be released on October 25, 2022.It will be available on the official Eleceed website.Be cautious.Anime Daily will inform you on a regular basis.