Episode 3 Blue Lock – Junichi Suwabe as Baro is a Perfect Casting

Episode 3 Blue Lock broadcast on Saturday, giving us another solid performance and there is nothing to talk about.This is another week to finish the episode, enjoy it and leave a small place to discuss everything in detail.Although I was expecting a more brilliant duel between the X team and the team from, the episode still turned out to be solid on most of the fronts, including the debut in the Sawabe Junichi series as Baro.But it was not just the debut of the character, it is the fact that the episode actually rotated around him, and at the same time did not rotate around him, which made the direction of the episode intriguory.The fact that Sawabe is Baro’s voice simply made it much better.

Baro Shoei reveals his presence

Baro finally becomes the first real player of Isagi in the match since he started through the gates in episode 1 to be part of Blue Lock.And although I was expecting a more simple match, not the band Z, who realized that they had to work as a team, more that Baro actually became the reason for such a realization, surprised me.He did not need any development or history to know who he was.All he just did was the dominance on the pitch, and even woke Isagi a bit to know what he must do to experience a blue lock.

The sluice has many noteworthy roles that are associated with being a teacher in a way or form.Regardless of whether it is durable Sucpehiro from Black Clover training Asta, or the aizawa’s severity with My Hero Acadekaren, most Anime fans know the voice of a sluice whenever he speaks – at this moment he is really too iconic to not know.And although some of his roles include being a teacher in some way for the main character, Baro is more an antagonist than Isagi’s teacher at the moment of the series.But it is the fact that Baro inadvertently taught Isagi one of the biggest roles he played with, he just felt as if he became a “powerful but respected” opponent.This meant that Isagi questioned his whole belief, which he previously had as a striker, someone who wants to be the best striker in the world.

And again, when a sluice plays a role in which the character Baro leaves me the impression that we finally got to know our first cool, intimidating side character – one where there is no room for any weaknesses.By doing this, this episode made me wonder how amazing players from higher groups are, if Baro is in group X. And as the fans of the sluts know, characters that usually play are not so easily removed.

Lessons obtained thanks to Baro

Seemingly it didn’t look like Baro did all this except the epic first goal and intimidating close -ups.But the whole episode was actually focused on the development of the team from the team of Z, while making Baro the reason for their development.Baro literally became the reason why Isagi partly solved the problem of changing football from 0 to 1. Even Jinpachi attributes to Isagi and the rest of the group with the fact that they finally entered the right track – and all thanks to Baro and why he was inStand against them.

This led me to the conclusion that the development of the story of the series is actually different compared to most sports anime.Many times the main character and his team lose with a great star and their team just to finally beat them.But what happened in this episode did not look like that at all.It was almost as if Baro and his group were a wake up for Isagi and the rest of Z. Baro did not turn out to be someone they want to defeat.It was more like “they threw us out, but here we learn from it and we win in the future” and it was something that I really liked in this episode.

There was no phrase “see you at the end of it all” or “Baro is mine to compete.” No.It was “We’re sucking.We know that we are sucking.Baro proved that we are sucking.But let’s get the last goal for Morale purposes and think about what we have to do in the future.And this is what the last goal turned out to be for them – the first step in changing football from 0 to 1 and all thanks to Baro.And I loved even more that Baro underestimated them, especially Isagi.

Summary of episode 3

Episode 3 means that Blue Lock deserves to be maintained in the top ten of our weekly survey.But was it worthy of Top-5?Most likely not.There were both the story and the development of the character, and the animation was as usual great.If anything, the sound design was the best part of the production of episode 3. Put on the headphones and again watch the episode, and you will really feel the influence of Baro and Rensuke goals.

Blue Lock begins to reach a constant level, which is crucial, especially in the case of sports anime.And it definitely prompts me to reverse my initial thoughts about the series when it premiered.Blue Lock Episode 3 was not perfect nor in any way bad.It was another solid episode, just like last week.

Blue Lock, Episode 3 Rating: 8/10

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