Episode 3 Urusei Yatsura: When, where and how to watch!

Urusei Yatsura is an uncompromising creator of trends when it comes to an ordinary boy who meets an unusual genre of girls.It is a comedy, romance and science-fiction anime with a great dose of gag humor.The series has three directors, including Takahashi Hideya, known for working on Sword Art Online, Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru, to love-Ru etc. Others are Kamei Takahiro, who worked on Enen No Shouboutai, Captain Tsubasa (2018)etc. and Kimura Yasuhiro, who worked on magic: the maze of magic.

Episode 3 Urusei Yatsura can also be called the third episode うる 星 やつら.

It is anime who talks about a world in which suddenly aliens called they invade the intention of defeating people.On the other hand, we meet Ataru Moroboshi, a lustful boy who cannot take his eyes off any beautiful woman who crosses his direction.

His girlfriend Shinobu throws him even for constant flirting with others and it is when he falls into an unexpected mess.People from the government take him to the leader of aliens, who tells him how Ataru plays a key role in their entire invasion of earth.

One of the aliens will take a duel from Atar in the Tag game, and if he manages to win, the aliens will withdraw.Lum, the leader’s daughter, becomes his opponent.

He manages to defeat her in a not very polite way, but is in a different cucumber.

When Ataru promises to marry his own girlfriend, Shinobu, Lum confuses confession and completely supports this idea.Using his position and power as a princess of aliens, he even moves into Atar in his home.

Now ataru must stick to his desires, while trying to save the already falling apart relationship with his girlfriend.

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Episode 3 Uruseia Yatsury

Plot of episode 3 URUSEIA Yatsury

In the last episode we saw the entrance of a new character.He showed that someone is important, so we would like to see who he is in the next episode.By the way, people treated him, we can imagine that he will also play an important role in Atar’s life.

Characters from Episode 3 Urusei Yatsura

In the next episode we will definitely see Ataru, Luma and even Shinobu.A mysterious boy will also be there.They can also attach other supporting cast, such as Cherry and Sakura, as well as the parents of Atar.

Frame from Urusei Yatsura (2022) announcement of episode 3: when, where and how to watch!

Where to watch episode 3 urusei yatsura

Urusei Yatsura is available in


For English, speakers for watching.So without unnecessary ado, go ahead and see if you haven’t done it yet.

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List of episodes of Urusei Yatsura

It is expected that the series will have 23 episodes in the first season.We hope that the second season will be soon.

Date and hour Urusei Yatsura

The third episode of Urusei Yatsura will come out on Fridays at 00:55 (JST).Remember not to miss it.

Predictions of Urusei Yatsura in episode 3

We will witness funny situations in which Atar will try his best to stay in check Lum, but he certainly will not do it because of his rotten happiness and lustful tendencies.Lum will also try to capture him and stop him at all costs, taking into account that he already has a girlfriend.In addition, random moments of gags will provide us with entertainment all the time.

Summary of episode 2 Urusei Yatsura

In the previous episode we saw how Ataru tried to get rid of Luma as best as possible, running away from home.But on the way I met with Sakura.He tried to contradict Lum again, receiving her powers with the help of enchanted ribbons, but to no avail.

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