Episode 4 Akiiba Maid War, told by Zoya

The announcement of episode 4 of Akiiba Maid War has been released, and Zoya tells pre -release video.Rooms from Oinky Doink Cafe will train under the watchful eye of Sano, a maid education specialist.Will the maids cope with the harsh Sano training?The fourth episode will be broadcast on Thursday, October 27.

Preview of the 4th episode of Akiiba Maid War

The series is the author’s work Kedamoo Land Management Strategy Room and Studia P.A.Works is responsible for the animation.Soichi Masui directs anime, and Manabi Nii is the main animation supervisor and character designer.Ike Yoshiriro works with Cygames in composing music.

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It transmits Akiba Maid War and describes the plot of the series as:

Akihabara is the center of the universe for the coolest hobby and the wildest entertainment.In the spring of 1999, Jasnooka Wahira Nagomi moves there with dreams of joining the maid cafe.He quickly puts on an apron in the Tonoton tonnes cafe, Aka The Pig Hut.But adapting to life in the vibrant Akihabar is not as easy as giving tea and delighting customers.In combination with a grim rank, which never smiles, Nagomi must do everything in her power to take Pig Hut above all other maids fighting for the highest position.Along the way, he will find a place for himself among the fad and the thrill of life in Pig Hut.Just when the dreams of Nagomi are within her reach, she discovers that among the maids in Akihabara, not everything is as it seems.


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