Evangelion appears in Doomsday World of Lifeafter Survival Game

Over 60 crossovers available in the event October 13-27

The crossover contains a limited scene on which infected angels appear in the Doomsday world.Survivors are designed to go to the mysterious abandoned building in a four-person composition and find a power source to charge the poor Evangelion Type-01 test.After a successful defeat of infected angels and launching two supply devices, the Savers will meet with a fully charged Evangelion Type-01 test and will face the last boss, which has the abilities of several angels and can generate A.T.Field.

The event will include over 60 crossover elements, such as dresses and animals for Shinji, Rei, Asuki, Kawor and Mari.You can also get furniture with the Evangelion Type-01 test for the estate, as well as weapons, drone, car varnish, pen style backpack and other equipment.

Netease Games released his Lifeafter game for survival smartphones with an open world in China in November 2018, and in English -speaking territories in February 2019. In September, a crossover attack on Titan took place.

Source: Press information