Explanation of the end of the exception: Did Patty success in the Terraformation mission?

The exception is a completely new Netflix anime, which will make you think about the purpose of our existence and what humanity must do.In the performance directed by Yuzo Sato, the voices of various actors in English and Japanese.

With Nolan North and Chikahiro Kobayashim as Lewis, Robbie Daysmond and Takahiro Sakurai as Mack, Ali Hillis and Yuko Kaida as Nina, Eugene Byrd and Takanori Hoshino as an Oscar and Nadine Nicole and ATUMIA TANZUZAKI as Patty.

The exception is a science-fiction horror thriller, whose action takes place around a team created using 3D printing, which is sent in search of the appropriate planet for terraforming.However, the system failure causes deformation of one of the crew members, which leads to the disclosure of a number of secrets.