Fabienne Tsar: this proposal of screenwriters plus Belle La Vie, which she categorically rejected

During the interview with Allociné Fabienne, Tsar revealed that she categorically rejected the proposal of screenwriters plus Belle La Vie.

This message obviously delighted the fans

More beautiful life

, especially a young woman.But if Sakaren Nassri returns to the series, after all

She was not reborn

.And it was Fabienne Tsar who decided that her character would not come back to life, contrary to what the scriptwriters wanted.In the face of our colleagues from



The actress revealed that she rejected the proposal of fiction authors

.”Because we didn’t see the body,

It would be possible if it were my wish …

Even if it seemed interesting to me because of the evidence of his death, we can do everything in fiction!(laughter)”.

Fabienne Tsar refused to return to her character in Plus Belle La Vie

Also during this interview, the one who played in

Commander Jeanne Lorieux


research sections

, he explained why she categorically rejected the scriptwriters’ proposal Plus Belle La Vie.”

I refused because we found Sakaren DNA at the scene of her accident

So she certainly was dead.

I didn’t want to change it

because I didn’t come back to it. “explained Fabienne Tsar.