Family spy X Chapter 69: Return of the killer!Date of issuing and chart details

This week, the edition line contains 69 chapter of the Spy X family. This is a chapter that will move YOR back to the main screens.He has been out of the frame for many weeks.And fans want to watch what she brings to the table.A single mission is enough to go back to history.The last chapter concerned Anya, which did not go well in history lessons.But all Loid’s efforts were in vain when he found out that Anya was no longer interested in cartoons.

In the story below, fans will learn about the next mission that will take place in Yor’s life.There must be many killings that Yor can make.But only time will show what these missions are.Here’s everything you need to know about the latest chapter!

Family spy X Chapter 69: What will happen next?

The title and details of the plot of the next spy chapter X The family was not released.However, there are many arches that we will see in the latest chapter.First of all, the biggest question is the existence of chapter 69 of the Families X. Like other trips, this can also be a short mission in the form of chapter 68.2.Such an answer could not be seen only this week.But the chapter will certainly lead Yor to the front line.

Her friendship with Mother Dakarenna is something that is desperately interested in fans.What’s more, the meeting of these two competing families are also waiting for the distinction.This meeting, which will cause new conflicts for both spies and enemies.

Summary of the previous chapter!

The title of the family chapter of spy x 68.1 is “short mission 9.”The chapter begins when Loid notices that Anya returns home with seven in history lessons.He immediately wanted to come up with ways to make her a better student.So he came up with the idea that he could use manga to teach her academic concepts.From home to office Loid he continued to draw all kinds of stories that came to his mind.

He also asked Franky to join him so that they could prepare a whole cartoon with drawings.Soon they were both able to create one of the best stories they saw.Loid returned home and told Anya that he got an undivided episode of Spywars.The chapter ended when Anya told her father that she didn’t like the last episodes of Spywars and that she was going to stop watching them.

Spy Chapter 69 Families X: Date of release

From the official VIZ calendar, the final date of the new chapter is unchanged.Thanks to this, fans will be able to catch this eccentric family in the next five days.The final date of the chapter is October 17, 2022. Fans can read all manga chapters only on the official VIZ Media, Shonen and Mangaplus pages.Finally, look at The anime Daily to get all updates only here.