Film Metal Gear Solid: Nothing goes to the adaptation of the iconic saga

Will we ever see the movie Metal Gear Solid in the cinema?Nothing is less certain, because the adaptation is stretched, and the news about Oscar Isaac, Alias Solid Snake, is absolutely not calming.

Metal Gear Solid movie on the road to becoming a damned project that will never be released or in a complicated state?Everything stands still.

In a recent interview Oscar Isaac (

Ex machina


Star Wars 7

), who will play Solid Snake, said he hopes that the film would be released one day.Yes, “hopes” only when the project has been formalized for years.Jordan Vogt-Roberts was announced for the position of director in 2014-for the project mentioned in 2006.Since when?Little information here and there, including confirmation in 2019, an Oscar Isaac actor for the role of Solid Snake.

We want this to happen.Be happy.What is the script?What is the story?What is the chosen angle?(…).I hope it will happen because there is such a great potential.This is an amazing game.This is my favorite.

In March, Isaac already said that the bands “looked like Solid Snake.”In 2018, Jordan Vogt-Roberts had a script he was proud of.It was a very Kojimska adaptation, which did not based on a exact copy of any specific MGS game, but it was not contrary to what fans love in the Hideo Kojimy series.He was even ready to sacrifice profitability to have the most solid movie as possible in the spirit of the saga with this mix of realism and fantasy.

Four years later, returning to the first without a script in hand … Will the new studio Kojima Productions in Los Angeles, specializing in movies, series and music, be able to give the necessary impetus to this film Metal Gear Solid?Mystery‚Ķ