Film references in the opening of Chainsaw Man

The long -awaited series of anime Chainsaw Man today premiered and before the blood, zombie and the pact with the devil, the anime begins with the opening sequence filled after the gills with references to movies.Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of the manga Chainsaw Man, did not hide that he is a cinema lover, and OP anime pays tribute to this, recreating cinema moments.

The scene at the intersection is a reference to the furious dogs of Quentin Tarantino and there is also an evangelion flash if you narrow enough.Clips range from references to the Great Lebowski to the Texas Motor Motor.OP even allows viewers to this, first showing references, and then going to the cast of sitting in the cinema eating popcorn.Here is a division into references visible in the opening sequence.

Texan massacre with a sawyer (1974, Tobe Hooper)

Jakub’s ladder (1990, Adrian Lyne)

In addition to many cinema inspirations, the opening also contains a reference to popular metaphorics, a picture showing the difference between ignorance and knowledge and a tribute to the early panels of another Fujimoto manga, goodbye, and eri manga.

A lot of information pressed into the series opener, but certainly creates an interesting, chaotic tone.What do you think about opening?Any scenes we missed?