Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Game for smartphones ends in operation in January

The game started in November 2021

The official Twitter account on the Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier mobile game announced on Wednesday that he would end his service on January 11, 2023 at 16:00 JST.The English version of the game will also end its activities on the same day at 07:00 UTC.

【サービス 終了 の お 知ら せ】】

『Final Fantasy VII The first soldier』 は 、 誠 に 勝手 ながら ながら 2023 年 1月 11日 ()) 16:00 を もちまし て 、 サービス サービス を 終了 さ せ て いただく いただく こと となり となり まし た た。。。。

突然 の お知らせ と なり まし た こと を 深く 深く お詫び 申し上げ ます。。


– Final Fantasy VII First Soldier_JP | FF7FS (@FFVII_FS_JP)

October 12, 2022

The game will continue to update, and the events in the game will continue until the end of the service.

The game will also remove Shinra loans from the store October 12 at 07:00 UTC and 16:00 JST, but Shinra loans in the player can be used to complete the service.The support of the game for languages other than English will end on November 1 at 02:00 UTC, after which the texts will be displayed in English.

Sources: Final Fantasy VII Twitter of the first soldier



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