FIRE EMBLEM ENGAGE: Alear allows you to choose gender

Both versions of Alear look amazing!Photo source: nintendo

On October 14, 2022, Nintendo of America published a beautiful screenshot of the main character, Aleara, in Fire Embl Engage.The game is expected to be released on January 20, 2023, and its digital version can be ordered for pre -sale for USD 59.99!

The standard physical version is also valued at USD 59.99, but a special edition, Divine Edition, is currently unavailable in pre -sale, but costs USD 99.99.The Divine Edition has no special bonuses in the game, but it contains a physical game, a steel book, graphics cards, A1 poster and a book with soft -frame graphics entitled “The Art of Fire Embl Engage”.

Which edition will you receive in January?Photo source: nintendo

What do we know about Fire Embl Engage?

The game was originally announced on September 13, 2022 on Nintendo Direct and we have several trailers, confirmed leaks and a perfect summary!Fire EMBLL Engage will provide a lot of attractions for new and old fans.

Commitment is the 17th game from the Fire Embl series, and its scenery is based on the Elyos continent.Your character, Alear, is a member of the royal family of divine dragons.

It seems that your gender has nothing to influence, but the blue-red color switch switches between them.1000 years have passed since the war with a fallen dragon, and now the seal will soon be broken.

Alear must collect allies and find all the rings with emblems to recall 12 lords, characters from previous games.Help them in their fight.There are other playable characters, but the exact list is unknown.

Fans speculate that 40 characters will be in the final ranking, and the game is known to Fire Embl and RPG fans.For example, Alear is a user of a dragon sword, but there will also be a cavalry with axes, a archer, a martial arts master, an armored unit with copies, a red magician and a knight of Pegasus, who also uses a spear.

Nintendo Direct focused on Alfred and Celine, but the trailer also showed the female version of Manakete.There is also a character that can be a human form of a fallen dragon with his own ring!

Will we meet any iconic villains or will we have to save some heroes before we can use them?

Gameplay in Fire Embl Engage!

The game in Fire Embl Engage includes classic projects, from which a series, such as the advantage of the area, the advantage of weapons, allies with the possibility of equipment and fishing.However, unlike three houses, the choice of characters will not affect the end.

But this does not mean that players cannot enjoy the world outside the fight.The exploration has returned, like all favorite merchant, Anna!

There is also evidence that we acquired animal friends.Players are encouraged to cooperate with lords because they can wield many weapons and can be connected with them.

All good mergers must affect the hair, and Fire Embl Engage understands this.Therefore, the more you use them and work with them, the more reinforcements your characters will receive.