From Scratch: What about today’s parents Tembi Locke?

Find out what is happening today with your father and Tembi Locke mat from scratch on Netflix!

From scratch it is available on Netflix!

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Find out what is happening today with Tembi Locke’s parents

, read on!From zero on Netflix is based on the bestseller Tembi Locke from 2019 “From zero: Diary of love, Sicily and finding a home”.To find out what Tembi Locke does, you’ll find him here.

There is a culinary pornography, travel pornography, love between beautiful people at first sight, marriage, illness, victims, conflicted families, the city versus the community and the heroine whose destiny and courage lead her to life that must live.To read the explanation of the ending of the first season, read it.

Zoe Saldaña plays Amy, the author of the author who spends summer in Florence, studying art and thinking that I never go back to legal school.Amy meets Lino, who is already an artist, a culinary artist, the best chef in the best restaurant in the city.After a peculiar American briefcase abroad and barely bumpy way to love.

Amy must get rid of another Italian boy who is never taken seriously, meet and move to Los Angeles.However, Amy’s parents are disturbing in this beginner romance.

What about today’s parents Tembi Locke?

What is happening today with Father Tembi Locke?


Tembi Locke

, Gene Locke and his stepmother Aubrey Locke, currently live in Houston, Texas.They have three children together.Gene Locke was a political activist in his youth, and in the 70s he was even tried for his commitment in motion.To find out where the series was shot, read it.

A partner in Andrews Kurth LLP, is the general adviser to the sports authorities of Harris and a special adviser to the port commission Port of Houston and Metropolitan Transit Authority.Both Gene Locke and Aubrey combine strong relations with Tembi and her granddaughter Zoela.Just as the bond between Amy and her parents is presented in the series, Tembi also hopes that they will support and encourage her in all her undertakings.

Mother today

Tembi Locke, Sherra Aguirre

, lives in Houston (Texas) with his husband Abek.Sherra Aguirre has been running a prosperous company for 35 years.She was the founder and general director of Aztec Facility Services, Inc., which employed over 1,200 employees and won several awards for the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and perfection of services.Over the past 25 years, she has focused on her own health, observing the plant diet and practicing yoga and meditation.

Mother Tembi Locke was a political activist in her younger years and remains involved in this field.He also promotes city gardens and organic farming in its community.Although Amy’s mother in Desde Cero is based on Aguirre, this is her very loose performance.To find out to what extent the series is based on a true story, read it.