From the zero season 2: What is the release date on Netflix?

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From zero is available on Netflix!

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Season 2

, read on!Based on the memories of Tembi Locke of the same name, From Zero follows Amahle “Amy” Wheeler, a brilliant young woman whose life changes forever when she spends summer between semesters of legal studies, studying art in Italy.To find out what Tembi Locke is doing today, come here.

In Florence, Amy not only seduces the idea of becoming a full -time artist, but also by a young Sicilian chef named Lino.However, his story is more than just Florentine fantasy.As the series develops, we see how they fight to reconcile different cultures, juggle family dramas and ultimately a tragic diagnosis of lino cancer.To get an explanation regarding the end of the first season, read this.

The biggest problem with Desde Cero is that it quickly turned out that it would work better as a movie.The drama in some places is light as a feather, in others absolutely crushing.However, the greatest strength of Desde Cero is his dreamy Italian love history.To find out where the series was shot, read it.

Of course, Amy and Lino’s love story is so perfect that it can’t last long.When everything is arranged in America, Lino discovers that he has a rare form of cancer called Leiomyosarcoma.This forces Amy to accept the role of the caretaker.He must defend his husband and face life threatening without him.If you liked the first season, we’ll tell you everything about

The premiere of the second season from Zero on Netflix!

What is the release date of the second season from scratch on Netflix?

The first season premiered on October 21, 2022.At the moment, the resumption of the season has not been announced.

The second season from zero on Netflix.

Unfortunately, we are sure that in

Netflix will not be the second season of Desde Cero.

In fact, Netflix appointed the series as a “limited series”.

In addition, because Taste of Life is based on the memories of Tembi Locke, the story he tells is limited.Of course, there is always more stories to tell about the life and experience of a person, but in this case the series seems to be conceived as one conscious series.If we learned something with limited series, most of them are better in this way.Therefore, it will not be

From scratch 2 on Netflix.

What is the series about?

Summary from the series

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He tells us: “The taste of life tells the story of an African American who falls in love with the Sicilian chef while studying in Florence.Amy moves with him to Los Angeles, where their seemingly opposing cultures must coexist.

When her husband finds out that she has cancer, Amy becomes his nurse and man behind him.Combining them two very different families.In this way, she hopes that her daughter will grow up with joy and love after her husband’s departure.