From zero Season 1: Where was the series shot?

Find out where season 1 of zero was covered in Netflix!

From zero is available on Netflix!

If you want to know

where it was shot from scratch

, read on!As a portrait of late love, Desde Cero is the most sensitive.Authentic worship radiates from every stage, embracing the central couple and their loved ones, even in moments of conflict or fight.

Netflix’s miniserial seems to be the work of someone who is enjoying his nicest memories, which are in fact, are based on the memories of Tembi Locke, who also created a series with her sister Attica Locke.To find out which part of the series is based on a true story, you will find it here.

Although it is understandable that you want to give late love the most pink glow, desse Cero is a little less clear, less complicated and ironically less intimate than it could be.The result is still quite attractive, at least if you have a passion for sentimental romance.

But saying this in the categories of her male boss, Lino, could understand, would need a little more acid or salt to balance all this sweetness.If you want to know

where he was shot from scratch

, we’ll tell you!

Where was it covered from scratch?

From zero is shot in California and Italy, including Los Angeles

, Florence and Sicily.Photos for the first iteration of the series began at the beginning of April 2021 and ended at the beginning of September of the same year.Because most of the stories take place in Italy, filmmakers offer viewers an engaging impressions, turning most of the scenes on the spot.

It looks like a filming unit

From the beginning

He began to shoot the first season of the series in Los Angeles, the largest city of California and the second population in the United States.To get an explanation of the finale of the series, read this.

Many key sequences from Zero are shot in Florence, the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany.Apparently, the production team used the locations of many streets and squares in Florence to shoot various external scenes of the series.Among them are Piazza Santa Croce, Piazza del Carmine, Piazza Santo Spirito, Piazza San Pier Maggiore, Piazza Michelangelo

In addition, during the filming of the first season, you could see the cast and a team filming several key scenes in the vicinity of Via Lambertesca, Borgo Santi Apostoli, Via Dell’oriuolo, Lunggari and the Ponte Alle Grazie bridge in Lungarno Delle Grazie.Some private estates also serve as key places of filming a romantic series.Among them, Dell’orafo buca.

other parts

From the beginning

They are shot in Sicily, one of the twenty regions of Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean.Officially known as the region of Sicily, Sicily has a rich and unique culture in the field of art, literature, music, architecture and gastronomy.