Future devil in a man with a mechanical saw: what are his powers and what does he do?

Chainsaw Man is one of the strangest series you encounter in your life, but it makes it so special and that’s why this series has become so popular.Chainsaw Man characters are so interesting that they deserve more attention and this is what inspired this article.In this article we will present a character from the first part of the manga, which will appear as a villain in anime – the devil of the future, who had a close relationship with Akim Hayakawa.In this article you will learn everything you need to know about character.

The devil of the future is a devil who personifies fear of the future.After watching the future of Aki Hayakawa, he concluded a contract with him so that he could see this future himself.The devil of the future is a secondary antagonist in the series and plays the main role in the background, but he was never really in the center of attention, even though he was one of the more intriguing devils in the series.

The rest of this article will focus on the figure of the devil of the future and its power.Little is known about this intriguing character, but we will present you as many details as possible so that you know everything about this character.If you haven’t read the manga, we must warn you that spoilers will appear in this article.

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Who is the future devil in a mechanical saw man?

The devil of the future is a devil who personifies fear of the future.After seeing the future of Aki Hayakawa, he concluded a contract with him, thanks to which he allowed him to see this future.The lower half of the future demon resembles a tree growing out of the ground with branches and a trunk passing into a humanoid body with outstretched shoulders and a horned head.Many serpentine -like creepers grow out of his arms and chest.His face has three pairs of eyes arranged one in the upper position, and his wide lips are almost open all the time.

It has a large hole in the middle of the chest, inside which there is another large eye.This hole is his gate to the future and allows others to see the future through it.He has an extremely funny personality and regularly brags that the future is better than the present, which is not always true.

At some point, Future Devil was captured alive by public security services and closed.He continued to conclude contracts with two hunters of public security devils, one of which gave up half of his life, and the other gave up his eyes, a sense of taste and smell.Kurose and Tendo take Aki Hayakawa to the place where the devils are closed to public security to find a new weapon.They take him to hell the future and make him conclude a contract with him.

Aki enters the devil’s room and sees his full appearance when he repeatedly announces that the future is the best.Aki and the devil of the future talk, and the devil of the future does not like or praise his attitude.Then he tells Aki to put his head in his stomach so that he can see his future and uses her to determine the details of their contract.After laughing from the future of Aki, because he entertains him, the devil of the future makes an offer that as long as he can live in the right eye of Aki, he will help him.

He reveals that the reason he offered Aki with such a cheap and uneashed contract is that he actually wants to see the future of Aki with his own eyes and that the purpose of Aki is death in “the worst possible way.”Of course, after Aki’s death, the devil of the future appears from the eye of Denji, the dead agent appears, laughing and commenting on how he really “died in the worst possible way.”

What is the devil of the future powers and abilities?

The devil of the future seems to be a simple devil.In fact, we don’t know how powerful he is, but we know what his powers and skills are.We do not know how good he is a warrior or how useful for him his skills in a direct fight, but seeing that he was captured by the security service with relative ease and was kept closed without major problems, we assume that he is not one of the more powerful devils inseries.

When someone puts his head in a hole in the chest, the devil of the future may look into the future of that person.This is of course his greatest and best known power, i.e. his essence, which makes him one of the most peculiar devils in the series.Until now, we saw how he used this power on several occasions:

He concluded a contract with Akim Hayakawa: In exchange for permission to be in his right eye, the devil of the future allowed Aki to see a few seconds into the future he concluded a contract with an unnamed hunter of public security devils: In exchange for half his life, the devil hunter could use the power of the devil of the future (Although we don’t really know how it happened).An unnamed hunter of public safety devils: In exchange for the eyes, a sense of taste and smell, devil’s hunter could use the power of the future devil (we have no idea how it took place).

Along with this basic power, Future Devil also has additional powers.As a devil, the devil of the future can give people contracts at the appropriate price.Although this has not been confirmed, the devil of the future should be able to restore his health by consuming blood and should be reborn in hell after killing, effectively making him immortal.That’s all we know about the future devil at the moment.

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