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Game of Thrones is nothing surprising to fans.This new discovery about John Snow is proof of this!

The game of Thrones, despite the ultra -outcat finale, remains an unusual series.One of the strong elements of each episode was complete uncertainty about each character.Game of Thrones has set the rules from the beginning of the series: no one was safe from sudden disappearance!Undricted violence, but also a large dose of nudity, added a bit of sulfur character of the creation based on the novels of George RR Martin.Some aspects of history have even moved discomfort sliders even more in some viewers.The series concerned in particular


as regular practice in some families.

From the very beginning, the game of Thrones revealed an incestuous affair between Jaime and Cersei Lannister.In a sense, the honor was safe as long as he remained on the side of “bad guys”.But the iconic HBO series showed that he wants to oppose expectations and conventions.The end of the series in this way established a romantic relationship between

Daenerys and Jon Snow.

Aunt and nephew, united by an attraction, which is at least inevitable, though definitely uncomfortable to watch!If you really thought that everything can be done differently, rejoice!They could be worse!

Game of Thrones has avoided excessive discomfort!

Game of Thrones, originally presented the development of the relationship between Jon Snow and … Aryo Stark!It can be safely assumed that the development of such a story, planned at the beginning by George RR Martin, would be widely divided.What’s more, real restrictions, such as the visible age difference between

Kit Harington

And Maisie Williams would do this exercise even more dangerous.On paper

Jon and Arya

They are “only” cousins, this has not exceeded the new threshold.However, the aura of the heroes and the difference between the actors themselves would certainly cause huge discomfort for fans of the Game of Thrones.If you watch the series again, remember that the final could be much worse!