“Gasoline no longer grows in the ground”: a funny mistake of Maeva Ghennam among gas deficiency

The energy crisis has been affecting the world for several months.Meanwhile, Maeva Ghennam uses the opportunity to make a huge mistake.

Maeva Ghennam

She wanted to tell about

gasoline deficiency

which currently affects France.The new story on Instagram has been revealed by the blog


.First, she admitted that she was not up to date with messages.”I am so cut off from the world that I do not know everything that is happening, and I did not even know that there is a lack of gas, I just saw it,” he explains.I must say, that

Maeva Ghennam

She gradually moved away from France since her debut on reality TV.Until recently, she lived in Dubai.Nevertheless, some difficulties brought her back to Europe faster than she came to the Middle East.

Maeva Ghennam wonders in disbelief how gasoline deficiency can be created.”I don’t know how it is possible that there will be no gas …”And at this point, the reality TV star releases some of the most


: “This means that gasoline grows more in the ground …”Very enigmatic and interesting words that show that Maeva Ghennam seems to think that gasoline grows like vegetables.But if he is not completely ignorant, it is quite possible that a young woman is trying to cause noise, throwing

Such nonsense

.Yes, for example, it seems to think about the blogger @vaarruecos, a regulator in the world of reality TV.”He does it deliberately, he sees himself lol,” he comments.

Is Maeva Ghennam an ignorant or is he trying to make noise?

In fact, Maeva Ghennam is certainly the best selected personality of the reality show television that expresses herself in this way.Sticking well to the image that many women have on reality television,

Pretend ignorance

, can quickly cause noise.It was also able to succeed in the past of some Personalities of Reality TV, the first of which Nabilla.The similarity is also striking between two stars.So it’s hard not to see the comments well prepared from above and meticulously selected …