Gates in the bleach (Senkaimon, Garganta, Jigoku No Mon) explained!

If you are a blender fan, you probably already know that there are four main worlds in the world created by Tite Kubo.The world of people is our world from which Ichigo comes.Soul Society is a place of origin of Shinigami, while Huco Mundo is a place where Holle stays.There is also a mysterious hell that was not strongly described in the canonical material.As you know, to travel from one world to another, you need to access a specific portal or gate between the worlds, and in this article we will explain the three main gates in Bleach and how they actually work.

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Senkaimon is a portal connecting two different worlds.Shinigami use them to get from Soul Society to the world of people and vice versa.The first seen Senkaimon was created by Renji at the order of Byakuya.Before a man can enter Senkaimon, his permanent particles must be transformed into spiritual particles by Reishhencan.The interior of Senkaimon is called Dangai, the indirect dimension of Soul Society and the world of the living, and has two defense that aims to prevent everyone to stay there for a long time, the first Kōryū and the second Kōtotsu.

Kōryū is a kind of wall that falls behind those who try to cross Dangai.The collapsing wall contains everything it touches, for example, the Uryū cape, which yate then rides so that he can continue to run.He is particularly good in keeping spiritual bodies, i.e. released Zanpakutō, which Yoruichi warns against when Ichigo wants to use Zangtsu to save Uryū.

Kōtotsu assures that no one stays between two worlds longer than necessary, because time stands still.Kōtotsu has the appearance of an organic, live train with a lamp (it can also be a creature reminiscent of a worm).It appears only once a week, when Yoruichi is on their way to Soul Society with Ichigo, Chad, Orihime and Uryū for the first time.

Everything that touches him will be destroyed.After the group manages to escape it, Yoruichi says that Orihime was lucky because her Shun Shun Rikka was destroyed after she touched by Kōtotsu.The only Shinigami who destroyed him so far were Shūsuke Amagai (filler) and Sōsuke Aizen (Manga Chapter 407).

All intruders can go through Senkaimon in the same way as Shinigami, but the lack of Jigokuchō forces the intruders to pass through Dangai.This is a very difficult task, because souls who will not exceed Dangai before closing the gates of Soul Society will be closed there forever.Seireitei can turn off these mechanisms so that shinigami and people can safely exceed dangai.

To come and leave the world of people, Senkaimon may appear almost anywhere.When it appears this way, Senkaimon takes the form of traditional Japanese door waiting for the entrance to Shōji.It can be opened using Zanpakutō as a key.The method simply requires placing zanpakutō in front of the user and putting it in a special space that makes Senkaimon appear before turning the sword like a key.When the door appears and opens completely, another door opens behind it, releasing Jigokuchō.


Gargant is a technique used by Arrancars and Holle to enter and leave Huco Mundo.It can be said that it literally breaks through the dimensional tissue to open a breach between the worlds, revealing a tunnel consisting of enormous energy, which must be focused and solidified to create a noticeable path.

It is mainly used by Holle and Arrancary, but other characters managed to use it in various ways.There is another Garganta application, shown only once: Gargant Broadcast, visual transmission similar to the television screen, created using individual Garganta portals.Ulquiorra Cife did it to see the current situation of the friends of Orihime Inoue (Ichigo Kurosaki, Tōshirō Hitsugaya and RaniGiik Matsumoto) fighting in their battles.It is not known if he could create more as he wants or three broadcasts is his limit.

All Holle and Arrancary Menos class are able to open a garganta.In most cases, a characteristic segmental pattern opens, but in the case of the first menos of Gillian class appearing in Karakura and those on the Sōkyok Hill, the hole is simply torn in the sky, as if it was a material, leaving the edges.jagged.

In addition, Kisuke Urahara demonstrated the ability to use this technique.Recently, Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi acquired the ability to use Garganta thanks to the extensive research, being a prisoner in Huco Mundo.

Jigoku no mon

Jigoku no mon, or hell gates, is a gate to hell in Bleach.The gates are usually closed with chains and decorated with a bandaged head and torso skeleton on each door.The arms of both skeletons are set at an angle, so they can easily open the gate when they are called.It seems that the gates cannot open completely from the inside through two thick ropes with amulet attached to them.

Basically, the face and left arm of a large, unknown demonic creature can be seen behind the gates when they are open.A demonic being has armor on his shoulder and holds a blade.His left arm and face are covered with tattoos reminiscent of tribal markings.The demon pierces the Hollow entering the hell with his blade and pulls him through the gates, laughing.The gates then close, and the whole structure breaks and falls into nothingness.This was changed in the future because we saw the ghosts of dead Hollows and Shinigami live in hell.

At the moment, nothing more is known about the gates, but if Kubo – hopefully – decides to continue Bleach, we will certainly learn more information about it.

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