Gattai Girls 12: “Idolmaster Xenoglossia” and Amami Haruka


“Gattai Girls” is a series of posts devoted to watching anime about gigantic robots with outstanding female characters because of their relative rarity in this species.

Here, “outstanding” is defined primarily by two features.First of all, the female figure must be either the main character (as opposed to the figure of the helper or support), or must play a role that distinguishes her.Secondly, the female character must actually pilot a gigantic robot, preferably the main gigantic robot in the series in which he performs.

For example, aim at the top!She would qualify for the sake of Noriko (the main heroine, pilots of the most important mech of her series), while Vision of Escaflowne is not, because Hitomi is not involved in any fight, even though she is the main heroine, or full metal panic!Because the most outstanding robot pilot, Melissa Mao, is not visible enough.

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At first glance, the idolmaster: Xenoglossia is a title that embarrasses.Why the first anime theime in the world

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, a video game about the management of Japanese idols would be a series of mechs in which girls try to save the earth instead of giving successful performances on the stage?However, when you enter the surface, it results in an even greater cognitive dissonance between the beginnings of the franchise as a series of SIM idols and this science fiction story allegedly built on its foundations.

The confusion begins from the very beginning.Base Xenoglossii.The assumption is that high school student Amami Haruka is unexpectedly recruited to potentially become one of the “idolmasters”, pilots of robots defending the world, called idols.In addition to Xenoglosia, the name of the series refers to the player as an idol producer.This is a fairly simple change to accept, taking into account the scenery of history, but where the series throws the most difficult turns, it is a presentation of his character.

Despite the fact that it is a franchise in which fans support actors who play their favorite idols, the whole cast of the voice has been changed to Xenogloses.In retrospect, this is an extremely strange decision, but the more strange is that the changes do not end: age, size, personality and other elements are drastically changed to such an extent that many characters become almost uncommon.The best example is the character of Yayoi takatsuki.In the

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She is a small and energetic girl at the age of several years, known for his high voice and

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.In Xenoglossia, he is noticeably higher and worse, she is the only real conventional idol in the series, loves to wear mascot costumes) and is much more hostile to Minase Iori.

I’m not a great one

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Fan Ster, but I watched the anime and I have a decent idea about the main cast and their personality.At a certain level, it is impossible for me to part with my pre -accepted ideas, but this level of change is extremely rare.The closest example that comes to my mind is the first Comic Party anime, in which the high school student aged, and a junior high school student aged for no reason.It is as if the creators of Xenoglossii have just looked at a few preliminary sketches and went their own way, regardless of the source material.

Quite funny, the only character that is mostly similar to her original Self is the flagship heroine of the series and protagonist Xenoglossia, Amami Haruka.Her personality remains optimistic and hard -working, although here colored with a bit of doubt as to what she is capable of.But when it is surrounded by an endless parade of bizarre doubles, something is always a bit wrong.If you can ignore this to some extent, the series becomes more pleasant.

As for the performance of Haruka or any other character as pilots of giant robots, they are never overshadowed by any male characters that throw themselves to save the day;In fact, there are no male pilots at all.Different characters are struggling with various aspects of being idolmasters, and most of the plot is based on the pursuit of these challenges.There is also a lot more nudity and sexual behavior (including incest?!) Than one would expect from something based on The

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– What can be a breaker of a contract for those who strongly believe in the whole concept of “cleanliness of the idol”, but still seems strange even for those of us who do not do it.

The relationships between idolmasters and their idols are also probably contrary to the “purity of the idol”, because the way they talk about robots makes them seem at a certain level like giants mechanics boys – especially the main idol, imber.It has been shown that robots are at a certain level conscious, and the way some characters work to become worthy and accepted by a mech, while others treat them as comrades, sometimes seems more romantic fiction.The whole configuration of Xenoglossii is conducive to this, showing that it is a kind of anime in which the condition becoming an idolmaster is filled with anxiety.

Idolmaster Xenoglossia that we don’t have today could never arise.She came out at the time when

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It was a much smaller transaction, as evidenced by the fact that all girls are based on projects from the first game, not on improved versions with The

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2, which have been available since then.codified.At the beginning, Xenoglossia followed the good (?) Tradition of titles such as Lunar Legend Tsukihime, where it was assumed that the crawling series of idol managers needed to increase the power of stars and telling stories from the anime industry.Now the shoe is on the second foot and if they tried it again, it would be almost inevitable that the characters will stick much more to their original characters.This is indeed a historic curiosity.