Ghibli Park presents new photos of 3 areas that will be opened on November 1

The employees of the Ghibli Park debuted with new photos of the Dondoko Forest (Dondoko Mori) park, the hill of youth (Seishun no eye) and the great magazine Ghibli (Ghibli no daisōko)).

Several YouTube channels also published films from the park, including Tōkai TV (the most important movie) and Kansai TV information channels (at the bottom of the video):

Inspired by the Japanese village in the SHOWA era, the Dondoko forest area will contain the restoration of the sanctuary and the path from My Neighbor Totoro – along with 5.2 m in height (about 17 foot height), a wooden figurine of the Totoro playground.A maximum of five children from primary school can enter the statue once.

The Grand Warehouse building with an area of 9600 square meters (about 2.4 acres) will have about four times larger area than the existing Ghibli Museum in Mitace in Tokyo.

The Ghibli Park will contain a 6.3-meter (about 21 feet) played airship in Castle in the Sky.A replica of the Witch’s House in Earwig and the Witch will appear in the Majo NO cheap area, along with a brick restaurant with an area of 956 square meters (10290 square feet) on the image of the warehouse on the shore of the lake in the park.

Construction Contractor Kajima Corporation began building the first three areas of the park in July 2020. The park covers about 7.1 ha (about 17.5 acres) of the existing 194-hectare (about 479 acres) of the Aichi Expo Memorial Park, in which the World Exhibition 2005 takes placeheld.

Employees design that a million people will visit the first three areas to open a year, and then visit 1.8 million people a year when the park is fully open.To adapt to the flow of visitors, surrounding the area and roads add 1500 additional parking spaces and traffic control means.

Work on projects began in 2019.The Aichi prefecture allocated the budget for the construction of 31 billion yen (about USD 280 million) and 3 billion yen (about 30 million USD) for the design and planning process.

The Aichi prefecture agreed to set up a park in May 2017.The planners of the project then revealed the basic design plans in April 2018. Initially, the park was opened in 2020. Studio Ghibli and Gazeta Chunichi Shimbun jointly founded the company Ghibli Park, Inc., which will be responsible for managing and servicing the park park.

The Aichi prefecture and Ghibli studio cooperate to open the park to the 200-hectare area in Nagakute,

Expo Park

, also known as Morico Park, a place of the World Fair 2005. The park already has “Dom Satsuki and Mei”, a replica of the home of the main characters from the movie Anime My Neighbor Totoro.The house was the place of the Ghibli exhibition in 2008 and 2015.

The prefecture strives for the park to become an attraction for both foreign and national tourists.Both the Ghibli studio and the prefecture finance the operational company that will manage the park.

During the expansion of the park, construction will not cause damage to the park by felling trees or other methods.

The Ghibli Studio also runs the Ghibli Museum, located in Mitace in West Tokyo.The Ghibli Museum has interactive exhibits and replicas of the iconic Ghibli works and offers rotary shows of various Ghibli animated films.


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