God of War: A great new discovery five years later

God of War did not finish delivering all his secrets, even five years after the release.The fan made a new, interesting discovery that you probably didn’t see.

From time to time, players make surprising discoveries when they return to their favorite games.There are many small details that seem nothing, but arranged from end to end make all work salt.Today, the fan has made an interesting discovery about God of War (2018).

New discovery in God of War

In anticipation of the arrival of God of War Ragnarok on November 9, 2022 several players are preparing to return to the first adventures of Kratos and Atreus.Adventures interrupted by unforgettable and epic battles with bosses, such as the one with the Dragon Hraezlyr.Like many enemies who will cross the path of the killer of the gods, the creation will be left to death, and the duo will continue its path.You probably missed the fact that if you returned to his death, his body spreads as progressed.

For example, we can discover the corpse of the deceased dragon towards the end of God of War.Not only his head looks even more argued than she was, but it even looks like the traveler came to steal the rest of his teeth.Interesting detail, because it is a very popular material, especially among dwarfs-sparkers.Who knows ?It could be a tip for some parts of the history of God of War Ragnarok?It is a joint discovery on


Under no circumstances failed the community that seems to like this kind of small details.