God of War Ragnarok: King’s Choice will only be available on PS5

God of War Ragnarok will not hesitate to give your best to offer a very configurable PS5 version to meet various players’ profiles.

Faster, stronger, as well as more beautiful, God of War Ragnarok promises to be under control the best patronts, as explained in detail in our preview.Those who like to play with a high number of frames per second or between, will be in heaven.

Graphic modes God of War Ragnarok

Each with a recent screen will be able to play with God of War Ragnarok.Depending on the TV, Santa Monica Studio will contain a total of four graphic modes.Everyone will have access to traditional 4K 30 FPS “Resolution” and 60 FPS “Performance” modes, probably in dynamic 4K.But if you have a TV with HDMI 2.1, there will be more options.

In this case and provided that the “high number of frames per second” function is active, two other modes will be unlocked.”Resolution” mode in 4K at 40 frames per second and “performance”, which is aimed at 120 frames per second.It is possible that in the latter case the resolution is 1080p, but we will have to wait for confirmation.

But a really good news is 40 frames per second.Since the premiere of PS5 PlayStation Studios regularly provided such a refreshment.This allows better liquidity while maintaining greater graphic loyalty than at 60 frames per second.The best of both worlds.