Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom reveals an additional cast, premiere on January 27

The upcoming film Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom (cinema no Kuni Mizu no Kuni) revealed additional cast members and the release date on January 27, 2023.Madhouse animals the film directed by Kotono Watanabe.

Film Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom – trailer

Additional in the cast of the film were:

Hiroshi Kamiya as Saladinmiuki Sawashiro as Lilalalalalalalabar Kimura as Jauhara Keiko Toda as Leopper Chaffinin as piripapamasaki terrasoma as a nunibanjou ginga as Rastavan III Sara.

Key visualizations

The film Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom is based on the manga of Josea by Nao Iwamoto.He launched the manga in the magazine “FlowersShojo Manga” Shogakukana in October 2014, and then was published in episodes in

Shogakukan flowers magazine

from October 2014 to April 2016.

Manga tells the story of two neighboring countries that have never agreed with each other, even moving to deal with matters in the most trivial way.One day, fate meant that a princess named Sara meets a young man named Narnbayar, who comes from the opposite country.Manga was at the top of Kono Manga Ga Sugi Takarajimasy!List of the best manga for readers in 2017.


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