Golden Kamuy S4 – 02

「繭」 (Mayu)


This is not a kitten that young Chiyotarou has there.What an incredibly bizarre situation, the hardened Ushiyama, under the influence of Datura’s poison, becomes a kind of gigantic robot for the boy.And yet Golden Kamuy does this.Usehiyama’s passion for dried peaches fits well with humorous insinuations – “Momo” can also mean “thighs”.In the satirical call for Frankenstein’s film from 1931, the monstrous Ushiyama makes friends with the child until they take a violent character.The innocent Chiyoharu turns out to be a shit kid who immediately decides to lure Ushiyama to a watery grave when he saw how terrifying this man can be who gets rid of any responsibility for accepting a stray “cat”.

Such pathetic (but hilarious) irony that Chiyoharu was torn because of the “killing” of Ushiyama, when the icy immersion actually woke up of Ushiyama.What’s more, Ushiyama doesn’t remember anything together now.This is absolutely brilliant, as they combined the crazy USHIYMA skating escapades of Chiyohar with accidental ice jumping in the middle of the pursuit of the staff.Such a crazy turn of events finally seems logical.

In just 23 minutes there were so many twists and turns.I already expected that handing over to Sekiya would go wrong, taking into account the unlucky stars of Kadokura.It was a clever move, deliberately broken, so that Sekiya escapes, leading a couple to Hijikata – a star examples of transforming weakness into strength.They really had a visual irony of the former prison head who pretended to be a detective and looked like a flasher.Kirawus had all the reasons to worry about where Kadokura would hide his knife.A kind of person is needed to confidently face the enemy in a birthday costume in zero weather, and Kadokura is no exception to the cast of the insolent figures of GK.

Sekiya’s madness is undressed to the bone to the bone bone … scared after he witnessed the bizarre accident of his daughter, he becomes convinced that happiness is a judgment of God who uses poison and accident to justify his beliefs.Sekiya and Kadokura clash in the final battle of fate, exchanging Hijikata’s whereabouts for the poison of the cock – whoever wins, saves Hijikat.Kadokura probably could logically think about the cocoons and avoid all the unpleasantness of poisoning.Just earlier, Sekiya mentioned experimenting with weights from cocoons – Kadokura could look at the weights on a rotating weight – those without poison would probably weigh less.

Everything that ends well and fortunately, both Kadokura and Hijikata finally avoid death, taking the poison of Fugu to counteract the wolf’s banes.I think that the science behind it is intriguing.Wolfsbane causes electrolyte balance disorders in the body, creating a kind of dam (more precisely blocks the sodium channel).The channel is sensitive to the poison of the Fugu, so flooding the cells with it causes the dam to interrupt, tilting the balance of electrolytes in the opposite direction.Interestingly, in Japan in the 90s there was a murder in which someone was double poisoned with a werewolf and Fugu.Although Fugu delayed the time of death, it (of course) did not prevent it, so do not try it as a medical measure at home.

I never stop being amazed by this bombastic escape from the death of Golden Kamuy leaves.Even if the characters die, it becomes an important moment.Finally Sekiya is satisfied with his death, dies painfully, whether because of divinity or happiness.I am a bit sad that we will not see more of his wild roulette games – he was a funny entertainment as long as it lasted.

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