Gotham knights: Good news for trophies and achievements

The victim of an unfortunate leak, Gotham Knights, reveals his trophies and successes.A list that will certainly satisfy those who are not necessarily looking for difficulties.

Transition to October 21 to PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, Gotham Knights tells us about hunting for trophies and achievements that await players.

Difficulty and optional cooperation for platinum

Watch out for spoilers, Artbook Gotham Knights is at large and has many plot details flood the network.Even the last boss is no exception.And if you want a surprise to be really intact, it is better not to read trophies/achievements.

If you do not want to play in cooperation or at a high level of difficulty to lose platinum, the game is for you.There is actually no trophy related to these two elements.But this does not mean that collector’s items, etc.

List of trophies and achievements of Gotham knights

Platinum trophy

Cabbage heir – get every trophy in Gotham knights

Golden trophies

He would be so proud of you – reach the maximum level as any member of Batman Familyexpert Crime Fighter – prevent 250 crimes in Gotham City

Silver trophies

Snow problem – keep calm and survive the storm in Elliott Centeruniversal Health Scare – go to the Gotham City General Hospital hospital after hours of rock visit and a difficult place – solve the case in Gotham Reservoir End of the era – complete all files of villains Momatzy Momatzy – distribute all abilities.Momentum as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing or Red Hoodnot On My Watch – successfully stop all deliberate crimes overnight in one night to make an impression – create a complete set of legendary equipment (suit, suit, melee weapon, distance weapons)

Brown tro phies

Loose Ends – Complete case files 01: Batman’s last matter whispered words – complete the case files 02: The Rabbit Holelock and Klucz – Complete the case file 03: in the shadowły apples in each orchard – complete files 04: masquerade with the inside Gotham’s Walls – complete act Cases 05: Court of Owl without voice – complete case file 06: Jacob Kaneseeking Asylum – complete case file 07: Shadow league Gotham Knight – complete case file 08: head of the demonto winner winner go loot – discover a new problem in Star Labsquartzer Life Crisis – examine interference in Quartz Labscooldown – Place the prisoner back behind Blackgatehar, Har, Har, very funny – Visit the unbelievable source in Blackgate Penitentiary program Help program on the streets of Gotham Are you working hard or Harley works? – break the presentation in the theatercieś monarch in clay – find a villain who should not be in Gotham City Show Mud Go on – break the film plan and upset the director of the Batman family – Play as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Little Red Riding Hooding – Complete all 16 exercises in the Gotham City Confidential training area – Find all the hidden sound recordings of Bruce Wayne Solid Alibi – effectively protect the secret identity of Batman Bat Out of Hell – finish every time attempt at Batcycle Knight – Achieve the knighthood from Batgirl, Robin, Robin, Robin, Nightwing or Little Red Hooding Successor – reflect the last level of knightly ability for any member of the Batman family. The first step to the knight – unlock the ability for the first time UnstopPable Force – reflect all four Momentum stripes as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing or Red Hood. Family meeting-beat 30 mafia godmothersshock til they drop-beat 45 shockers regulatoradrone you out-beat 30 DRONE Mastersbulldozed-beat 30 Freaks Bulld Rozersout of Their League-beat 45 Assassins League of Shadows and 30 RocketeerSthe man-bat Family -Bats at Gotham City.talonted -beat 40 feral talons, 25 Gladiator Talons and 15 Hunter Talonsin Your element -Ask the Ear effects 50 times enemies getting the High Ground mural -Discover all wall paintings for the TIMA project in Gotham City Street Art – Find all landmark in Gotham Gotham – complete 50 challenges of a merger – get 50 modchips using the Fusion module

Gotham Knights is coming in a few days, but we already played it.