Gray Anatomy: The nephew of a symbolic character arrives at the monument to Gray Sloan

The broadcast of the 19th season of Gray’s Anatomy began on October 6 in France.There are several surprises waiting for viewers.

Gray’s anatomy is in

19th season!

His first episode was broadcast a few days ago, in the evening of October 6 in France.And it turns out that many new features are planned in the program.It is worth noting that

new characters

They will gradually appear in the next episodes.According to the date, season 19 will introduce new interns.

Gray Sloana monument

welcomes a new member of the Team of Doctors,

Simone Griffith

.Similarly in the series debuts

Benson Kwan

, a new character characterized by a cunning personality.

But the most surprising new character is

Lucas Adams

.He is a new member of the hospital team, rather disappointing professionally.His university record is catastrophic and at the beginning of his career is almost released for abuse.He actually wrongly diagnosed the patient.But its incompetence does not determine its originality.It really

favorite nephew

dr.Dereka Shepherd, one of the most famous characters in


.Of course, a lot of time has passed since he appeared in Gray’s Anatomy.Derek Shepherd died at the end of the eleventh season after a car accident.Would his nephew the appearance of this new season allow retrospective and brought Derek Shepherd back to the series?For now, the director did not want to say anything more.

The breeze of fresh air blows in Gray’s Anatomy

These novelties bring some freshness to Gray’s anatomy.It is even more welcome that the series is widely criticized for the lack of innovation.The series has been broadcast from 19 seasons, and many viewers and critics of the series believe that the time has come for


.But so far neither production nor the director plan to stop Gray’s Anatomy.The appearance of new characters can bring more news to the series.But on the other hand, she already used this formula.Indeed, renewing the actors The season after the season is impressive!And so


Will they be there?