Gray’s anatomy season 19: Showrunner promises even more “delicious surprises”

If Ellen Pompeo is not very often present in the 19th season of Gray’s Anatomy, Showrunner promised a few nice surprises for the future.

The 19th season of Gray’s Anatomy began.Surgeons from Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital returned to ABC, to the delight of fans.New characters have landed and are already starting to bring some freshness to the medical series.In addition, old emblematic faces return, such as Kate Walsh, who was already present in the second episode of the 19th season of Gray’s Anatomy.And as we know

It will not be the only one, because Jesse Williams’ return was also announced.

Although Meredith Gray will play a smaller role in season 19, it turned out that viewers can expect many funny surprises.Showrunner Krista Vernoff told TV Line that although Ellen Pompeo will not be present throughout the season,

She is excited about what is coming

.It has already been confirmed that Jesse Williams will return as

Jackson Avery

At some point this season, but it is exciting that we can expect even more funny surprises.

Krista Vernoff: “We sprinkled with delicious surprises”

During the interview, the showrunner said: “This is a big challenge not to” say goodbye “to Meredith Gray, but say” see you “later.

We have a great cast, but this is a big loss.

So how do you fill this void?It is irreplaceable, but throughout the season we slept with delicious surprises to try to fill a little of this space.Although these surprises can be arbitrary, we sincerely hope that other stars from Gray’s Anatomy will return to the series.The future will tell us, but one thing is certain, no

Ellen Pompeo

After all, there is a risk of a great emptiness, despite all these surprises.