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Difficult explanation of the ending

, read on!Written and directed by John Ross,


, presents itself as a modern film about creatures.History revolves around the Chaudhry family.Asha and Kamran are children of concerned parents, Leah and Amir.

When the new online challenge, which seems to encourage young people to hurt each other, becomes viral, Amir and Leah fear for their children, especially when Asha begins to behave the same way as her parents read on the internet.Unknowingly, the title nightmare is chasing his children.Here

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After shaking home, Ash soon finds Brandon locked in a wardrobe in his bedroom.He warns him to close him again, but it’s too late, Melinda found them both and threatens Ashie with a pistol, repeatedly demanding that she give him her phone.Asha asks her what she did to her.

When Leah appears at the Melinda House, Asha tells her her theory, and her mother finally realizes that her daughter is telling the truth.When Leah confronts her, Melinda falls into hysteria, which, according to the theory, causes a fall


.Leah immediately runs to Brandon’s room, where he finds him suspended in the air and stewed by the invisible Grritty.

Asha enters to save her mother, Melinda pulls her behind her.The gun on her, causing Leah pushing her away, allowing Ashie


Loosen the hug on Brandon.When Melinda is preparing for a re -attack, Brandon stabs his mother again, officially turning her.You can find everything you need to know about Disney+releases here.


specific ending

After returning to the hospital with Brandon and Leah, Asha learns that Cassidy killed herself and Amir is crazy, causing Grritty to attack Kamran again.When he begins to calm down, he tries to save Kamran, attracting Amir’s attention so that Gritty only attacked her.


difficult ending

, the final confrontation between them takes place outside the hospital, after Asha Sabea Amir, to get rid of Grritty.After finally managed to calm down, taking a deep breath, Amir enters her, and Asha is again attacked by Grritty, who suffocates her in the air, as she did with Brandon.

Finally, seeing that his daughter was right all the time, Amir stabs with a medical needle filled with liquid, which is to help him calm down.Finally


He freed his power over Ash and her family.The last scene shows Asha, finally released, telling the audience asmr o


And your experiences with him.To find out if Gritty 2 will see light, it is here.

Despite the stab, Amir does not die

hard ending

.He fully recovers, like Cassidy, a friend of Asha, who was also attacked by Grritty.In his last monologue, Asha indicates that parents and their children must find a common plane where they can discuss problems.The world has changed;The digital era does not leave.Parents must trust their children more.