GTA 6: Great announcement of the game soon?

Since the extraordinary leakage, players around the world have their eyes glued to GTA 6, looking forward to the official announcement.What if it happened very quickly?

When is the advertisement with the great fanfara GTA 6?Maybe at the end of the month in the middle of Halloween …

GTA 6 announced in the next few days?




), which revealed the Red Dead Redemption 2 suspension on PS5 and Xbox Series, and even cancellation of GTA 4 and Red Dead 1 remasters, believes that Rockstar Games may reveal GTA 6 during the UFO event organized Halloween in GTA Online.

From October 15 to October 31, players at Grand Theft Auto Online will see UFO randomly appearing in various places on the map.Lack of time, but rather time interval.For example, in 2021 you could see an unidentified object flying between 22:00.and 4 am.What does this have to do with Grand Theft Auto 6?

In GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, Rockstar programmers hid a few photos on the wall of Lil’Probe Inn, a bar located around 69. In the middle of shots a photo of a house with UFOs, which does not match GTA 5 or something similar, but it can be a house with gta 6. So the trailer of the announcement in the next few days.

Rockstar Games loves October

To support this theory, others are based on the customs of Rockstar Games.GTA 5, like RDR 2, was announced in October.What’s more, Vice City – which will be the target of the next episode – turns 20 this month, and the franchise turns 25 years old.Golden chance for the studio?

If the presentation is really planned in a few days, the leak could change everything.However, in a press release in response to Rockstar leakage, he made a promise.This is “informing us soon.”But equally often the term “soon” is unclear, very unclear …