Gundam Evolution

There is no beating: Gundam Evolution is a Gundam -style Overwatch version, simple and simple.You have the same overall configuration: the famous mobile overalls are a replacement for Overwatch heroes, the rules of the game are largely the same … The biggest difference is that Gundam Evolution is free and has a nice line function.Now there are the worst things that you can do is “X but Y”, and Gundam Evolution has many advantages for people looking for an alternative to Overwatch.But what about Gundam fans?

Well, at the beginning, your choice of mobile suits is actually quite diverse. Gundam Evolution avoids “UPS! All Goku! The problem, enabling players to use a wide range of mobile overalls from the whole series. In the series entitled “Gundam Evolution” there are only about five playable gundams in a set of 17 units (Unicorn, Exia, Barbatos, Turn A and RX-78-2). Sure, you could cling to children from the poster: Wing Zero is your flying sniper, God Gundam is your close -reaching conqueror, and so on. I appreciate the effort to give players stranger units for use, with more flowing pipes in later seasons. However, this leads to some confusion: at first glance it is not clear what every mobile suit does. In a team shooter, the hero’s individual abilities are the most important for a balanced team. Here you have to go to some menu to see what every unit specializes in. Some things are obvious, for example, Zaku II is a distance warrior or Barbatos is a metering unit, but others less. It took me a few matches to discover that Methus is a supporting unit based on treatment (which made him my favorite). This does not help that many individuals have a strange skill mix. Tura A has a grip and a shot of charge, but it can also be treated with time. Mahiroo can launch grenades that are bounced off the walls, but it can also throw away enemies. Without any clear indicator of what every unit really does or how it contributes to the team, new players are left fair when it comes to which unit is the best in every situation, especially since Gundam Evolution does not give players any indicator or their The team is balanced or not.

What about matching types?Well, they are fun!The problem related to the team’s composition, it can be very easy to block the opposing team, especially if you are dealing with inexperienced players.It seems that there are not many maps – I estimate about three maps for the type of stage – and very few (especially the port) have the impression that they take into account the size of the Gundam, and many of them just feel like ordinary industrial corridors in canyons.But the matches themselves are intense and everything works.When things come down to the end and intensive music begins to play when the last minute of the clock ends, and your team is trying to remove the opposite team from the control point, your blood begins to circulate-this is the best recommendation that I can give for a team shooter.

So here we have to talk about unpleasant parts: monetization.Good news: Gundam Evolution offers skins for units and weapons in its box office, which can be bought in sets for a limited time.The game is free, so there is a greater incentive to spend money at the ticket office to support it, as opposed to retail.You can also buy skins, decorations, profile photos and emoticons regardless of whether they are in lootboxes.So from the very beginning Gundam Evolution has no impression that he is chasing your money.He still has regular seasonal passes that open currencies and skins, and I’m not their fan.But again: being a free game makes investments seem a bit more profitable, especially since there are alternatives to get the desired skins.

It simply leaves part of “Gundam” and in some way I feel that Fanservice could be served better. It is very visible that Gundam Evolution first tries to be a pleasant game, and the second game Gundam-Znow I can’t imagine how annoying it would be if the list consisted only of Gundams. And from time to time you get cool sound calls, such as some sound effects from programs. But this is about it; None of the scenes refer to specific areas from the anime, none of the votes belongs to the character from many programs, you don’t even get musical calls. Probably such as Michael Kopsa or Brad Swaile would not be available to preach Char Aznable, Amuro Ray or Setsuna F. Seiei when they pilot their suits … but it would be a very valuable accent. It would be a bit difficult to bring a white base or asteroid of the axis to a playable stage, say, for the destruction match … but it would be a good call. Obtaining rights to any original music from the series would be a challenge … But listening to Power from Gundam 00 as a flourishing when Gundam Exia is on a wave or wins MVP in the match, it would be a great flex. Gundam has an extensive legacy and it’s a pity that this game doesn’t really use it so much.

There are also other small factors that slightly make the gameplay slightly.Communication can be a challenge because the text system has a real problem with Scunthorpe – for example, you can’t even mention the name of the Assimar unit, because a part of the name is blocked.In addition, the word filter does not like the words “does” or “pocket”.(It’s a pity for fans of mobile suit gundam 0080: war in the pocket, to be sure.) There are some faults, such as the one I saw with some teammates in some matches in which they revived without weapons and had to be reborn in the camprecover them.There are not many hackers, but they are present and it is not possible to report them.And as mentioned earlier, Gundam Evolution can really become a more transparent interface when it comes to breaking what every unit can do and how it can contribute to the team.

Despite this, I feel very comfortable recommending Gundam Evolution.At the time of release, it has a very promising platform on which you can settle.The question is whether it can build and improve to survive for more than a few months.For now, I think it’s enough to like cool robots.