Gundam Metaverse will contain interactive AI characters

Visitors to the upcoming Gundam Metaverse will be able to talk to interactive AI characters.In Strumień Gundam

Autumn 2022 conference

The character of AI named Mellowo Neige debuted.A character wearing a headband and a Haro style necklace will appear in Metaverse to talk to the community on topics related to Gundam through chats with a tone of voice similar to a real man.

Shortly after the film introducing Mellow, which starts at 12:04, the main officer of Bandai Namco from Gundam, Kouji Fujiwara, revealed more details about the character AI.The company will fill the Mellow database about Gundam franchise and GunPla sets.When Metaverse is launched, artificial intelligence will learn more from the community’s response.Mellow will not have sex because it is artificial intelligence.At the end of the film introducing Mellow, he suggested that Metaverse may have more AI characters available.

Gundam Metaverse’s Mellow is one of many AI characters that Bandai Namco creates as part of a larger AI development project.On the same day the company published

new press release

, presented the design of Play by Live AI.

In June 2022, Bandai Namco Entertainment launched

Go Round Game

A channel that would contain three AI VTubers in total.Two characters, Yuha and Satori Neon, are currently actively conducted, regularly broadcasting Mahjong matches.The third artificial intelligence of Vtuber, Miyako Popuri, will debut later.

While the conventional Vtuber would have a real man working after Live2D Avatar, these characters are completely managed by artificial intelligence.They will respond to situations in the game and send comments, generating speeches with intonations that are as close as possible to real people.This last press information also confirmed that the main interactive artificial intelligence of Gundam Metaverse, Monsyge, will come from the same AI character technology, which Bandai Namco worked on.

Bandai Namco initially revealed the Gundam Metaverse project for a conference in Gundam in March 2022. It will create a center where people will be able to gather and talk about anime, games, music and patches from the series.The “Road to Gunpla Battle” project, which aims to create a scanning system for custom sets, is also part of the Metaverse project.The company will conduct a closed test for the GunPl section in Gundam Metaverse in 2022.