“Gundam NT” The final glow of the Phoenix … Unicorn Gundam Unit 03 appears in Gunpla PG!The majestic figure in the contrast of blue and gold

With “Mobile Suit Gundam NT” the gold “Unicorn Gundam Unit 03 Phenex (narrative version)” is now available as GunPla PG (Perfect Grade).The sale of the lottery began on September 28, 2022 on Premium Bandai.

The “Gundam” series is a visual work produced by Sunrise Inc.For over 40 years, since in 1979 the broadcast of the television anime “Mobile Suit Gundam” the series was widespread as a product and service, including plastic models, home video games, network content as well as video and music packages, and attracted great support.

“Mobile Suit Gundam Nt” is a film that is a continuation of the series “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”, whose action takes place in the year 0096 of the universal century, three years after “Mobile Suit Gundam: Konatak Chara” and is part of the Universal Century series, which lasts from the firstGundam.

The new story develops after the appearance of “Unicorn Gundam Unit 03 Phenex”, which was lost after the accident and his pilot disappeared.

With “Mobile Suit Gundam NT”, “Unicorn Gundam Unit 03 Phenex (narrative version)” is now available as GunPla PG.

The body in a 1/60 scale is covered with a deep shade of gold outside to give it some dignity.Contrast with the blue, transparent, formed psycho-frame creates a shiny finish.

In addition, you can install the LED module (sold separately) to get a luminescent effect other than other Unicorn Gundam models.

The stabilizers, which are connected to two armed dermal armor and resemble the “Phoenix tail”, have been carved again.Stabilizers are made of lead wire and soft material, additionally divided by parts.Flexible expression is possible.In addition, the connecting parts mounted on the backpack are played with new parts and can be moved up and down using parts similar to rails.

In addition, connecting parts are attached to reproduce the independent scene of the “armed armor de” in art.By connecting with other parts, such as the basis of the action (sold separately), you can create an exhibition as in the movie.

“PG 1/60 Unicorn Gundam Unit 03 Phenex (narrative ver.Sales lottery applications are available on Premium Bandai until 14:00 November 1.The winner will be announced on November 4 and the product will be sent in December.

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