Haifuri Episode 2: In a Pinch During the Pursuit!

The doujins are writing themselves! 


Haifuri 2 Img026It’s been two episodes, and that i nonetheless shouldn't have any thought how Haifuri will come to be. Even for an usual, each and every week goes to be super entertaining within the occasion that they maintain this up. All i have is a vague feeling that anything dangerous will occur to Moka subsequent week. Or would that be too formulaic? I do comprehend that we’ve without doubt long long past prior the point of no return with the complete mutiny factor, although. Which is exactly what I desired to occur – and if we’re going to get typical battles out of it, then the whole higher. I received right here for the adorable women, but I’m pleased to stay for the plot. I nonetheless consider that the Harekaze were unwittingly caught up in some type of essential conspiracy which now naturally entails a couple of international places. they quite often’re most mighty digging their graves ever-deeper at this element – it was once already going to be difficult adequate for them to explain why they shot on the Sarushima and why it sank (notably seeing that it mainly shouldn’t have) however now they’ve willingly broken this German ship too earlier than fleeing. the whole proof is mounting up towards them. no longer that it’s their fault in any respect – I’m not familiar with how naval forces reply to mutiny, but it surely felt just like the Admiral Spee had a slightly disproportionate response to encountering the Harekaze. It shot on the Harekaze with are living ammo, and a single direct hit would have sunk them immediately – it’s like they have been looking to kill all of them. And what was once up with the German woman who was as soon as shot at by utilizing the Spee? was once once she escaping from the ship? Weren’t they her comrades? Did some thing arise on board? Is the equal component taking place to the Musashi?

Haifuri 2 Img034If I needed to take a wager at this stage, I’d say that each and every one this has anything to do with Shiro and how her mother’s each the present important of the school and the pinnacle of the Munetani family of Blue Mermaids. it might provide an reason behind why Kuro-chan admires Shiro so much. I’ve moreover just realized that Akeno has nicknamed them Kuro and Shiro, that’s tremendous lovely. Shiro used to be beautiful as a loli too. Anyway. Shiro being in the Harekaze classification would had been as a result of her unfortunate experiment-taking, however it might easily as conveniently were the affect of Furushou performing some meddling. It doesn’t explain why she was most effective made the deputy captain and not the precise captain (with the entire duties and accountability the position brings) however it ought to nonetheless be of giant affect for the bigger-u.s.to be trained that a Munetani is presently serving on the bridge of a mutinied ship.

Haifuri 2 Img028I also need to speak about Akeno for just a bit. i know I stated Mei was once nice woman (and he or she was sufficiently genki to retain that function this week) nonetheless Akeno makes me swoon. My coronary heart well-nigh skipped a beat when she dashingly headed out solo to save lots of the German woman. I. didn’t suppose she’d be so equipped as a captain, and combined along along with her relaxed friendliness and fast judgement she’s particularly became out to be fairly ready. Her resemblance to Nanoha truthfully makes me smile. I foresee tons of zenryoku zenkai and aggressive befriending in the future. appropriately, she would without problems have learned her fate-chan – besides the fact that children that I’m variety of hesitant to position on my yuri goggles given how sparse yuri is normally in Haifuri. And would this new lady even be the OTP for Akeno? ultimate week i would have recommended Shiro, or most likely even Moka (if something… unfortunate doesn’t occur to her). I do believe they appear attractive collectively although.

Haifuri 2 Img031

Haifuri 2 Img016the total tone of the exhibit can be one-of-a-form from what I’d expected. It’s mainly gentle-hearted considering the fact that they’re in numerous crisis – the complete crew haven’t shown much indicators of anxiousness to this point, maintain for Shiro who’s continuously irritating and Akeno during that one scene within the shower. There are various laughs and each person is relatively lovely. Given how the primary 1/2 of of ultimate week’s episode performed out, I need to have guessed that issues would preserve slightly fluffy. It’s a bit of like Sora no Woto or Strike Witches, both of which had a useless principal premise (in inspiration) nevertheless ended up having tons of comedy and slice-of-existence, most in most cases considering of the influx of adorable women far and large. I on the other hand haven’t worked out whether or not it is a nice factor – or indeed, whether or not or no longer it’ll adopt a drastic trade in tone as soon as anything occurs.

I don’t need Moka to die. There, I mentioned it – she has just a few lack of life flags placing over her. I don’t be conscious of whether the Musashi is going by way of the equal issues the Harekaze did, however most likely they didn’t make it to the agreed discipline both. Say they’ve been rapidly attacked – if the Harekaze manages to make it to their vicinity, will they even be equipped to do anything in opposition to a ship who’s managed to wreck the Musashi to the extent that Moka’s sending out distress alerts? Or is it a entice – what if Akeno arrives as a way to aid, and realizes she’s been baited? If German ships have gotten the memo regarding the Harekaze mutinying, there’s no method the Musashi didn’t. At any cost, there’s a surprising lack of Moka in plenty of the OP and the entire ED, which suggests that she isn’t going to be taking part in a core role within the series regardless of her status as Akeno’s childhood friend (i.e. it’s not looking just right for her). Akeno even spends a quantity of the ED watching a designated locket, which makes all of it much more ominous. Akeno, please keep Moka cozy.

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