Halloween 2022: Which amusement parks are again visited on this occasion?Follow us

Disneyland Paris, Parc Astérix … Many of them arrange their Halloween costumes this year.What amusement parks can you go to to immerse yourself in this edition of 2022?

At the beginning of October, it is fast approaching


.You can look at our program.Is there a better way to use this holiday maximum than visiting

100% of the renovated amusement park

on this occasion?With disguises, renovated attractions and parades worthy of this name, there is really something for every taste and all ages.Including

Halloween period

Many of them organize celebrations in France to welcome you in the best conditions.It is also an opportunity for

Discovering your favorite amusement park

In a different light.But also to get a few terror.So if you don’t know which one to choose, here is a few

amusement parks placed under the sign of Halloween

in October.All you have to do is take your places!

Disneyland Paris

Like every year,

Disneyland Paris

Pull out all stops on


!And the most cult villains in the history of the studio come out.Quite fuck with fries, but also appreciate the most beautiful costumes and the most beautiful sets.

Cruella, Ursula


Kapitan Hook

, all classics return in this wonderful edition from 2022.And surprise: in addition to the full -month special Halloween

from October 1 to November 6

Two special evenings are organized

October 29 and 31 to 2am

to immerse yourself in the world even more.Tastings, shows, attractions … Everything is to spend a special time!

Asterix Park

Terrified in the park!This year again

Asterix Park

It has changed completely.Goal?To offer visitors

immersive impressions

.Monsters and terrifying creatures will be in the center of October this month.On this occasion

Parc Asterix guarantees three extended days 1, 8 and 15 October


Six vernissages from 19:00.until 1:00, 22, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 5 November

.Between curses, horror buffet and catacombs prepared especially for this new edition, the Galas simply have to be careful!Chills guaranteed!


Halloween in Futuroscope

it’s possible!On this occasion, the park even has a name


.The perfect place for the youngest that they will be able to find

Free makeup, magic workshops, but also treasure search

.Everything under the decoration referring to this iconic and terrifying ceremony.For the elders, they can always enjoy the real immersion offered by the amusement park, full of emotions, laughter and sharing.Hurry up now

from October 19 to November 3

You can enjoy

Futuroscope in Halloween colors




This is one of the most friendly children’s amusement parks in which you can celebrate


.Just like Futuroscope, this one

amusement park

On this occasion he found a completely new name:


.A tradition that has been going on for 20 years!In this way from

October 1 to November 14

The whole family can enjoy the magic of the amusement park, while having several terror.Great news this year:

Mageen, new night program, Scary Circus, new program and Krampus and its bunch of bad elves

.Halloween magic has already begun in Nigloland!

The Sea of Sands

Terrifying sea of sands

He arranges to meet with his guests with

October 1 to November 6

.Re -visited attractions and shows, ugly characters and terrible scenery announce an exciting and unique moment.

The Sea of Sands

It is a much more suitable amusement park for children than for adults.And we can say that they will spend with the amenities provided for this occasion

Halloween party 2022

placed under the sign of fun and more or less strong impressions.Over a month

celebrations to play with the family