Halloween The End: Is there a post-gate scene at the end of the movie?

Find out if at the end of Halloween there is a post-generous ending scene in theaters!

Halloween end is available in cinemas!If you want

Know if there is a post-gate scene at the end of the film

, read on!Director Halloween The End, David Gordon Green, is sure that the star Jamie Lee Curtis will not return to the long -acting horror series.

Jamie Lee Curtis debuted in the horror of John Carpenter’s classic Halloween (1978) as a nanny Laurie Stoode.She repeated this role in three sequels before the franchise was re -launted for the third time with Green’s last trilogy.It is expected, that

Halloween end

This will be Curtis’s last performance after 44 years with a franchise.

Halloween finale takes place four years later events from Halloween Kills, in which Michael Myers survived the mafia’s ambush in Haddonfield and killed his daughter Sterde, Karen Nelson.FROM

Halloween at the end

He finishes the last series of movies in the series, Curtis has already said he had finished the role.

However, he did not give up completely returning to Halloween, citing the fact that he returned twice to the series after promising that he ended with the role.If you are going to go to the cinema to watch the movie, you will definitely want to know if you should stay to the end

Halloween to the end

to see one


strong>.We’ll tell you everything.

Is there a post-generous scene under the end of Halloween ends in movies?

With all movies with this

postogenic scenes

, it is normal that you are wondering if you should stay at the end

Halloween The End

.Unfortunately, at the end of Halloween The End there is none

congenerative scenes

.The saga is to end for now and therefore there is still nothing to promote in connection with the sequel.

What can we expect from the movie?

Official abstract of

Halloween The End

He says: “Four years after the events of Halloween Kills Laurie, he now lives with his granddaughter Allyson and ends his diary.Michael Myers has not been recently.

After decades, let Michael hang over her life, finally decided to put her fear and anger aside and return to life.But when a young man, Corey Cunningham, is accused of murdering the child she looked after, Ella Laurie will have to face the forces of evil outside her control, in the riots of violence and terror … »