Harem in the maze of another world – an overview of mature haremów isekai!?

Author: Aaron

Hi everyone, my name is Aaron Curbelo or Blade, as my YouTube subscribers call me.From an early age I am an anime/manga fan.As for the anime, I watched almost a thousand programs and read hundreds of Manga series.I love to write and to be honest, I was very happy that I could join the Honey anime to have a chance to write articles on such a wonderful side.I strongly believe in respect for the anime community, which is the most important embodiment that we should all have.We all love anime and we have different opinions about series, but we should respect each other for these differences!Life is too valuable to spend it on unnecessary quarrels in the community, which should be a bright example of love for an amazing medium.I hope that as the author of Anime Honey I will bring you some amazing articles to read and play!

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