Hartley, Cśur à vif, season 2: Netflix ordered the sequel to restart!

The remake of the Australian series was released on a streaming platform a few weeks ago and despite criticism, the first season was watched massively by millions of subscribers.Eight episodes gathered

42.6 million hours watched in the first three weeks

After publishing the series.

The screenwriter of the original work clearly had

irritated season 2 Hartley, coeur à vif

, but many fiction has already been canceled, and the story was far from the end … Finally we will have the pleasure of finding our heroes, but not before the end of next year.

Now, when the manufacturers have obtained green light from the streaming giant, they will have to start writing the script and plan photos … Exhibiting eight additional episodes will require at least ten or eleven months of waiting.Therefore

The release date of the second season of Hartley, Heart to VIF should be set for September 2023


Normally, all actors will agree to resume their role, because the privilege of being part of the original Netflix creation is difficult to reject.As a reminder, at the end of the first season, Harper and America burned the car, Chook from escaping.Two teenagers may have serious trouble if they are identified by the police or, worse, by Chook …

We are also looking forward to finding out if Malakai and America Romance will start where he was interrupted in

Season 2 Hartley, Coeur à vif

.Waiting to be able to discover the rest of the adventures of our heroes, know that Netflix is preparing a lot of new functions this week.

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