Have you hated Wonder Woman 84?The worst will come

Wonder Woman 84 left you with a very bitter taste in your lips?Thus, the continuation of the ceremony planned by Warner Bros.may not please you.

It is a fact that Wonder Woman 84 was adopted much cooler than the first film.Is it enough to stop the director Patty Jenkins and Warner Bros?No, they both have more than one ace in their sleeve.

Wonder Woman 4 after the third movie?

After the failure of Wonder Woman 84 with the elder, you might think that Warner Bros is not going to take or look for another director.On IMDB, the sequel has an average of 5.4 compared to 7.4/10 for the first part.The same trend on Rotten Tomatoes, where

World War I

He obtained 93% on the tomatometer with the “Certified Fresh” macaroon awarded to the highest rated films and series.And WW84?53% with green splash in SPTOON mode.It reflects movies or series with less than 60% positive reviews …

With our colleagues from Cinéséries, this did not happen:

The miracle woman 1984 is a boring, poorly oiled hit full of clichés.Trying to offer an old school, almost parody cinema, Patty Jenkins signs a contract about superheroes late 20 years.


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WW84 on Cinéséries.

Many did not understand how the result could be so different between two opuses when both are made by Patty Jenkins.Unfortunately, we have no answer, but get ready because the latter has just announced Wonder Woman 4 …

Where I said that I was just going to make one, I finally said that I was saying “Oh my God, I have to do two.”And even now I say “this is it” because I am still planning a threefilm bow.Through these three different films there is a story that creates the whole.But even now

When I wrote the last scene of Wonder Woman 3 last week, I think I could be interested in continuing

.They asked us to think about (note: Warner Bros.) about ways to do more and it happened.But we never know.I have many other movies that I can’t wait for.And because I love Gal Gadot, it’s even better.

Patty Jenkins during the Matera Film Festival by