He has 2: What is the release date?Is the continuation planned?

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, read on!In 2019, the world met the unbelievable villain Sue Ann.


Ellington in the psychological thriller “Ma” Tate Taylor.Despite the fact that she looks like a nice lonely woman who simply needs company, soon reveals that the trauma from the past led to some dubious and deadly actions.

In the entire film, a two -hour run, the audience is taken for a brutal ride.Sue Ann agrees to buy alcohol from a group of teenagers, and even offers his basement as a place to party.Soon, however, he is aware of his bad intentions.Years ago, Sue Ann was intimidated by her parents with whom she went to high school.Now take revenge for your children.

The end of the film is dramatic and chaotic when teenagers try to escape from the basement of Sue Ann, where they are kept by hostage when the fire spreads quickly.When the group is safe outside, the stage moves to Sue Ann, which was stabbed with a knife in the back by Maggie Thompson, calmly climbing the stairs.

When the flames embrace the house, Sue Ann lies next to the house.Ben’s body, her high school boy, who was killed by her earlier in the film.You can find a detailed explanation for the ending here.As for the rest, we will tell you everything about

The edition has 2!

What is the release date has 2?

The film was released in 2019.At the moment, no renewal has been announced in connection with

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.After the premiere in 2019, he received mixed reviews from critics, many of whom praised Spencer’s performance as the title villain, but lamented that the film never reached full potential.

Despite this assessment, he is doing quite well financially.Thanks to the unwavering Blumhouse Productions formula, creating horrors with budgets so low that they do not have to be huge hits.He earned $ 61 million with a budget of only 5 million, which makes him a very profitable film.This type of return on investment usually means


Especially when it comes to horror movies.

For your part, the director

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Tate Taylor is very open to the possibility of making a movie with

Has 2

And he is sure that Spencer would play it again if he were asked to do so.Earlier, in 2021, Taylor said that although Sue Ann seemed to die in a house fire, she deliberately left some ambiguities about her death.

After a recent appearance on Netflix and new success, it is possible that the situation will be unlocked in the coming months.We believe that in the case of renewal

release date on March 2

It should be set at the end of 2024.

What can we expect from the sequel does it have?

The script has not yet been written.

The continuation has

, but Taylor imagines that Sue Ann moved to the northwestern Pacific coast with a new identity and became a real estate agent.Then she organized open houses and murdered some people who decided to participate.It is not clear why it would do it, but this is Taylor’s idea so far.