“He touched me wrong,” Belle reveals the details of his last night with Kevin Guedje

In the film published on YouTube on October 11, Belle Longwell talks about the sexual relationship she had with Kevin Guedjem.

Belle Longwell


new scandal

on reality television.In the previous movie on YouTube of October 9, the reality TV star fired

A real bomb!

Then she gave an interview to Bastos, connected to the lie detector.And then he confesses that she had sexual intercourse with

Kevin Guedjem

while filming the battle battle.The first problem, Kevin Guedj was in a relationship at that time

Carla Moreau

, and Belle Longwell met with

Allan Guedjem

.The latter also has no good memories of that night.According to her, he would go too far.

Inevitably these declarations are not transferred to everyone.

Belle Longwell

She was called a liar through the whole group of fans of Reality TV.Kevin Guedja’s team also tried


The words of a young woman.For this reason, Belle Longwell took the lead and just published a new movie on YouTube.He begins by condemning what he considers the harassment of the Kevin Guedja family and several Internet users.Then he announces that he will tell the whole truth and only the truth!To gain credibility, he even reveals that she has sent Audio messages to WhatsApp

Jazz correa

which testify to what she experienced then.

Kevin Guedj would go too far with Bell Longwell

Belle Longwell mentions that she noticed “ambiguous things” with Kevin Guedjem from the first day

clan battle

.This feeling was confirmed during the second evening of the concert.Around six in the morning she was alone with him.Then he approached her, touching her more and more, in a “improper” way.First, she pushed him away.Then they went to the bathroom, where

They started sexual intercourse.

He repels him for the second time, but Kevin Guedj returns to the accusation.Then he claims that she had sexual intercourse with him in the program of interrogation of the program.The next day he allegedly told her that his “career” would be threatened if she revealed what happened!